Could a gang have done this???

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Could a gang have done this???

Unread post by duba » June 20th, 2004, 10:24 pm

My store was robbed last night!!! I used to work night shifts in a Duane Reade pharmacy but switched back to daytime and I’m glad I did. My manager told me this story. So anyway, about at 2am last night three guys walked in the store in black masks and two of them were holding handguns (not really sure what type) and the last guy had a freaking SAWED OFF SHOTGUN! One guy held the security guard at gunpoint, not that the security could do anything – they don’t even carry pepper sprays… I think the main reason they have security guards at the pharmacy’s is to scare little children and prevent senior citizens from stealing shit. The other two guys rounded up all the stock boys and locked them in the back room. Then they took the manager and wanted him to open the safe. Only problem is he doesn’t know the combination, since he’s the night manager. They tried to get it out of him, which didn’t work - so they had to make due with 1200$ in cash from the registers, 3 scanning guns (at 2000$ each) and 400$ worth of cigarettes. So that’s about it, I’m just happy I wasn’t working… The manager also said that he wasn’t sure those guns were real, so I tried to do some research on how often fake guns are used in the robbery. I didn’t find that, but I found this funny ass list:

The Most Commonly Used Weapons---A new study suggests

1. Handguns 35%
2. Own hand in the shape of a gun 4%
3. A large fish 12%
4. Bag of Cheeseburgers 38%
5. Poison Darts 9%
6. Black and Decker drill 2%

Well, a black and decker drill I get, BUT A BAG OF CHEESEBURGERS???
How dumb can people be? Apparently, pretty dumb. As a matter of fact – my friend told me that Court TV covers this and similar topics on the show called The Smoking Gun. It’s on this Monday and Tuesday, 10:30pm EST and I really wanna watch it.


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Re: Could a gang have done this???

Unread post by S_Mellon » June 20th, 2004, 10:49 pm

but then again anyone could have done it. three preists could of done it.

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Re: Could a gang have done this???

Unread post by style » June 22nd, 2004, 10:09 am

yeah, its so hard to tell. This couldve been a group of criminals just as easily as it could have been gang members.

Regular citizens do some messed up things too.

It reminds me of a sentencing I saw at one of my arreignments.

Two teens. Get bored, so they decide that it would be fun if they robbed a liquor store at night, with guns.

so they do it, and get caught. Sentenced to four years in prison.

you would think they are gang members. but the one kid being sentenced, had a full paid scholorship to the University of Oregon to play football for them in the fall.

Definitely not the profile of a robber, but it happens.

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Re: Could a gang have done this???

Unread post by Ho0dStA bOi » June 22nd, 2004, 1:57 pm

i doubt it woulda been a gang that done it , i dunno about everybody else's hood but thats 2 long 2 be in there 4 me . it takes 2 long 2 be loccin people in baccrooms and shit , id rather be in and out . i think it was u lol nah but i think it was somone on the inside that set it up.

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