asian boyz street gang

Discuss Asian and White gangs in Los Angeles County.
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Re: asian boyz street gang

Unread post by judastaugamma » August 16th, 2009, 2:15 pm

VCB wrote:haha really?
who r u because me ws wondering who u were
because u knw alot about ABs

yea papas told me how he spend some time in the pen.
told me how he meant a little khmer kid from LBC and he diss him or some shit because he knew tht he ws ABs
he ws lke shouted *ASIAN BOYs* and he stomped on the floor hard lke dissing ABs
then papas came over 2 him and got him in the face
haha it ws funny when he told me
hard to understand you.

but yeah i knew a few of them. i went to junior high and high school with a few of them.

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Re: asian boyz street gang

Unread post by SDmofo » August 17th, 2009, 9:18 pm

Fresno ABZ is probably the most active ABZ set at the moment.

They don't even have any big homies because they're all locked up. All youngsters. Unlike other sets that fall apart after their big homies get locked up those kids kept on gangbangin. They got a lot of riders.

It's on sight with them and Fresno TRG.

After their little homie got killed by Bulldogs, ABZ gave it to the Bulldogs. Bulldogs literally outnumber the A's 100 times over but even they don't want it ABZ.

In my opinion OG C****e or whoever started A's up there should have kept that shit in Long Beach. The Fresno TRG/ABZ beef messed up too many lives.

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Unread post by caliboi » November 20th, 2010, 5:40 pm

BABYBRAZE wrote:the Viet's had ties in philly b4 they kame to philly. they used to b in other areas of PA but they got down with niggas in philly n started spreadin out here. VBZ aint ONLY bangin on ABZ. VBZ got just as many enemies as allies
theres vbz in philly damn didnt no that i thot most of them were in cali like l.a. orange county, sactown, and daygo but dey have spread r dey bigger than trg down there and do dey reely hate vbz and r dey known in philly

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