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What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 25th, 2009, 11:34 pm
by Proverbz
It's almost 2010...damn! haha. i don't know about the rest of you but most of my youth was spent in the 90's. since it's been about a decade since then i just wanted to reflect from back in the days. Here's some things i remember.

*all the asians wore crazy baggy pants from anchor blue (beyond baggy or HUGE)
*guys used to wear sandals with straps
*asian gangbangers used to sport long bangs (a lot of asians did this....including me LOL)
*going to warehouse to buy a single tape of bone thugs n harmony 1st of the month
*marlboro used to have marlboro miles
*the chain smokers had enough miles to get a marlboro jacket (in blue or red)
*everyone in your group throwing in marlboro miles to try and get that pool table
*a lot of filipinos were Gz back then!
*guys used to give each cigarette burns for the hell of it
*only asians were into fixing up imports
*all the girls wore bebe tank tops
*all the girls took studio pics and wrote in the back of em (remember having stacks of em)
*all the girls had that cartoon pic of that asian kid kissing that asian girl on the cheek holding a rose on their folder
*walking around the streets with your boys meant you were sure to get hit up
*magic mountain used to be known for throw downs
*after the fox 11 special on asian gangs all of a sudden they were everywhere
*hearing about the early 90's and how crazy they were
*koreans, chinese, vietnamese, cambodian, filipinos, and etc didn't mind hanging around each other. in fact, it was encouraged..... AZN PRIDE~!

am i forgetting anything?

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 1:09 am
by thonkoboy2000
i rememeber chinese, koreans, viets having long bangs..i think they slicked it they still do that these days

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 2:06 am
by Proverbz
i dont think so but maybe there a few that do but probably cut it off for being laughed at. LOL. but yeah that style was pretty popular for a minute even some white boys and latinos sported it.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 7:56 am
by $outhPhillypuppet
*Good rap music
*Nautica,Tommy Hilfiger,Guess and Calvin Klein clothing
*Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon was the shit
*Netzero and AOL cds
*Blockbuster cards
*people writin names on there jamsport bookbags.
*throw back slang like "decent" and "Jettin"
*Playing jailbreak outside
*Super nintendo and Sega Genesis.
*FF7-dont act like im the only asian dude that remember that shit.
*Stevie-B's music with the extra long ass intros
*Cambodian New Year Celebrations on 7th street.
*Going to FDR park and catching more fish then the white people every summer with just string,a hook,grilled chicken and they had all that fishing gear.
*15th st vs 7th st was real heavy.

Some of these things i listed may be Philly exclusive.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 10:51 am
by 562booney
*playing pogs? haha
*asians G's rockin dickies with them cortez or chuck's with white t's
*here in LB cambodian gangs war with the ese's
*hip hop rap music was the sh*t
*i remembered rockin cross colors when getting into fashions lolz
*asians was into the import scene fixin their ride (all riced out) haha
*asians into the bangs slicking their hair back
*asian was into the break dancing scene

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 2:09 pm
by shing
i remember throwing spreads with the homies. playing pinochle and dominoes on the yard.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 2:44 pm
by SB Tisoy
- the music was better
- people were more real in general
- parties were better
- breakin' was the shit, followed by poppin'
- gangsters looked like gangsters
- not as many asians riding that color (B & C) BS
- adidas, cortez, chucks, k-swiss, then later tims/boots
- jerseys, plaid button ups, sweatshirts, dickies jackets, later denim suits
- girls with black lip stick (later '90s) and LONG hair
- dudes rockin' slick-backs, tails, bangs, or spikes, later shaved heads
- PAGERS and payphones; 1711117312165, no texting 'round here haha
- AOL dial-up/AOL chatrooms/AIM... "punting" (hated that shit)
- studio flix
- asians started getting big into skating (later '90s)
- not too many tats around in those days
- alotta dudes/females had dyed hair
- white pants/jeans LOL
- everyone thought 2Pac was still alive
- civics, integras, eclipses were everywhere and import was still asian (F&F changed all that)
- those tommy hilfiger and mariah carey rumors LOL
- gangsters were downer, I remember shit poppin' off constantly
- arcades were the SPOT, also bowling alleys, billiards, alleys
- BIG TIME hoes in those days

To me the '90s were better. The 2000s got boring real fast.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 7:39 pm
by $outhPhillypuppet

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 26th, 2009, 9:39 pm
by ridincitiesforever
I also remember people were really into raving that they are now. The baggy clothes, the hair and etc... Raves were gangsters hang outs.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 27th, 2009, 12:48 am
by jjashik
6-7th grade
-bangs and tails were the shit
-earrings were a must
-flannel tucked in to baggy jeans with long braided belt (yall know what i'm talking about)
-trying to learn atleast the windmill or the flair and say u can break
-kissin a girl actually made u feel accomplished
-still watched x men on saturday mornins, but pretended u didnt
-dragonball comic books
-gangsta bitches had blonde/brown hair,serious hoes got it all blonde blonde, brown lipstick, drawn on eyebrows, tanktop, sometimes baggy pants but that shit was hot too
-girls taking pictures at the photo places and giving it out to friends at school, with a gayass note on the back that always ended in ap or kp or some gayass pager code like 143
-jumpin foos and getting jumped rather then one on ones
-thinkin ur hyungs were so badass
-start smokin, thinking menthols are cool
-threw away the boys 2 men cd
-warren g and bone thugs was the shit
-all ur hyungs had civic, integra, accord and if you they had some money.. prelude
-thinkin ur badass talking about how much "backup" you have
-couple hits from the bong fuked yo ass up
-thought midgrade was the best shit in the world
-jack foos with nice nike air max basketball shoes, especially jordan 11's
-still watched fresh prince on tv
-finding out the best kept secret in the world... (masterbating)
-jeans and jeans for every and any occassion
(mostly from millers outpost, and had one or 2 pairs from guess and saved those for the "real cool" occasions
-nike windbreakers were the shit
-nike hoody was the shit, nike anything was the shit
-all the cool kids had to be gangster or atleast wannabe

8-9th grade
-started wearing a bunch of tommy hil, nautica, structure, banana
-khakis and cortes
-trade in the braided belts for swapmeet metal buckle belts that had some kinda alphabet on the buckle(the letter meant either of these things, name, race, and the real g's wore they sets)
-start hittin foos up at malls
-felt fukn gangsta walking around the mall with the homies
-find out about chronic and tweek
-bangs were cut to one strand which was either on the side or the middle, start growing tails cuse it looked more gangster
-couple homies start gettin tats, think its so badass
-cigarette burns are a must
-start takin fighting real seriously
-small knives are a must when goin out
-foos with straps were "fukn gangsta"
-start shooting pool
-first experience past 2nd base
-for some reason the finest girl in school had to be gangsta
-homies start goin to juvy
-if you wasnt asian then "fuk u"
-start listening to tupac AFTER he dead
-you just believe your the absolute dope shit
-start kikn it with girls from the next city down that u met at the mall
-move on the 5 finger later from ralphs and vons to places like best buy
-meetin up for rumbles at the dumbest places (park, mall etc etc)
-porn actually starts gettin borin
-goin to church retreats knowin u gon either meet some girls, or get into shit
-goin to church just to kik it with the girls and wanting to look badass at church for some damn reason
-see some other foos with bangs and dyed hair at random places, some shit had to go down..
-goin out just knowing some shit gonna happen, but that was just part of goin out
-it mite just be me, but kids these days have it too easy

damn i wrote a grip, bein high and reminicin kills time like a mofo

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 27th, 2009, 1:25 am
by triplethreat
The Raiders were still in LA and the Lakers jus got Kobe.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 27th, 2009, 3:46 am
by YearZero
I love the 90's! From what I remember
-Baggy ben davis pants with those long ass buckle belts...the longer the belt the gangster u looked.
-Long ass bangs or tails,I had a blonde pony tail.
-Hoodrats with the blonde hair and thin ass eyebrows with black lipstick outline.
-buckle sandals
-Chrome schwinn bicycles
-Cortez,High Top Chucks,corduroy house shoes.
-Starter jackets
-Girls with studio pics with notes on the back sayin "T.C.I.C,K.i.T,"or that long as one that I cant really remember "F.U.C.K.I.T.B.I.T.C.H"-Friends Usually Cant Keep In Touch But something something someshit.
-Are you afraid of the dark,X-Men,Adventures of Alex Mack,Pete and Pete,Transformers-Beast Wars.
-Crack Cavy
-Suicide the handball game,kick the can,cartoon freeze tag.
-Pic N Save,Thrifty,Long Beach Mall.
-Lad-riding low,BTNH-Thuggish Ruggish,Dove Shack-Summertime in the LBC,Twinz-Round and Round,Warren G-Regulators,Drs-Gangsta Lean,Foesum-Alil Somethin Something were my jam!

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 27th, 2009, 1:02 pm
by 562booney
my add lists
*R@B and slow songs music was the shi*t too
*going to house party
*beginning shooting pool and bowling
*getting chase by ese's when coming home from school becuz they we're outnumbering me
*studio pix at the mall
*the NBA era was the sh*it when Jordan, Magic and Birds were in the league
*Football, watching the Niners Joe Montana and Jerry rice.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 28th, 2009, 1:07 am
by 682
ben davis / dickies... super crisp and creased.
starter gear... hats (when they were real wool), sweaters, jackets, hoodies.
adidas superstars, kswiss classics, chucks, and cortez.
anchor blue "baggy" jeans...and then staple them cuz they were always too damn long especially when sagging.
long ass canvas belts that wrapped around and hung from the back and of course the initial buckles.
plain white tshirts... but not the retarded ass super long t's kids wear now.
or just a wife beater. lol
motorola pagers.
long ass bangs with a zero fade on the sides n back.. or just straight up bald.
cig burns.
lighter burns.
carrying around ghetto ass shanks.
zippo lighters. i still got mine from high school. too bad shit runs out of fuel too damn fast.

as for the hoodrats....every damn asian girl back then all looked like filipina gangster chicks. lol

too short
south central cartel
bone thugs
luniz (one hit wonder)
westside connection / mack 10
dre and snoop
eazy e
2pac... and the guy up who said "after 2pac died", u must a be a young buck then.. 2pacs music was way better when he was alive.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 28th, 2009, 2:06 am
KOrean Gs.....

- Fade on the side with long yellow bangs.
- Fila slippers with some Jinco Jeans ( Real gangster )
- White Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX ( strictly for the Gs )
- That oversized Aeropostale or Structure jacket ( that brown shit )
- BUmpin some ballad, slow songs in the car on our way to bangin
- Marlboro Red
- Alot of Korean Gs used to break dance
- Beefing with UB, TBZ, WC, and LGKK
- Honda Prelude with that long ass dashboard
- Going to the Korean Festival to throw down ( Garden Grove and Ktown )
- KP Mob and KPB
- That big ass loop earings. KOReans went overboard with those earings.
- Jansport Backpack with a KORean flag

90s was probably one of the best decades. Things were alot more real and original than it is now.

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 28th, 2009, 12:19 pm
by buLLetxx2
ridincitiesforever wrote:I also remember people were really into raving that they are now. The baggy clothes, the hair and etc... Raves were gangsters hang outs.
Haha, yes, at Audiotistic the trance room was affectionately known to many as "Little Saigon". I never really got into the rave scene, but Audiotistic was the sh-- for a bit there. Last time I went though I remember taking 2 tabs and doing a few lines (I was never really into E) then I got separated from my homies and somehow wound up in the trance room just in time to have about 15 fools hit me up, who I didn't want beef cuz I was baked out (I could barely speak) and then watched as they moved on and jumped some fool who I guess got shanked. Talk about a bad trip haha. I don't even know what the hell I was doing in the trance room to begin with haha.

-Butterfly knives, I dont know if it was just me and my close homies but for some reason we all had them and used them more to just slip styles with rather than as a shank.

-Like Finito said, had a bunch of homies who were breaking, couple Koreans, even made a few new homies who I'd otherwise have boxed with because they were breaking. A couple of filipino and korean heads who were ex-PR, and some other ex-Gs who were getting into breaking, right around the time I was smoked out, banging back, getting into that underground hip hop.

The thing about the bangs had me rolling, I had them for a bit, till one night I got drunk and my homies took the clippers to my head, and I've rocked a shaved head ever since, either bic'ed or step 1, its just easier that way.

-Hitting up Knotts Scary Farm on a weekend and sneaking in by running down the rocks right where fools can pan for gold until they caught on and fixed that, also posting up a the McDonalds on Beach by knotts trying to find someone to gank or smoke with.

-Fools used to use Binaca, that breathmint spray, and though I never remember buying a bottle I always remember having a few in my dresser drawer for some reason.

-Marlboro Milds came out in the late 90s and every menthol smoker had a pack

Oh and whatchu know about the homies dad getting the Marlboro Mile pool table? We used to post at the homie's pad in buena park, this Filipino fool who lived behind peak park, before and after heading out to The Block. Dude's dad used to let us do pretty much whatever so long as we kept it in the garage, and all he ever asked was for us to kick down our miles. I dont know exactly how long it was, but I know it was a few years, and by summer of 99 he had the pool table straight up in the garage. I still shoot on that table from time to time whever I stop by to visit.

And a ton of other hood stuff that really isnt worth mentioning

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: August 28th, 2009, 3:30 pm
by Proverbz
white jeans and braided belts....completely forgot about those ha. bullet congrats on you and your homies getting that pool table. that took a LOT of smoking. oh yeah and pogs were the shit! i remember the public was worried about kids playing pogs saying it was a form of gambling. my friend in the 5th grade got into a fight with this black girl over some pogs. he got his ass kicked LOL.

other things that came up
*koreans called cigs "yosi" and didn't even know it was tagalog
*for koreans being a fob was cool in the mid nineties
*hearing about the race war in long beach
*knowing people who had their cars messed up during the LA riots
*exo squad
*jim carrey was the funny white boy on In Living Color
*west coast hip hop had a come back in the late nineties
*everyone was trying to c walk
*the street races in sylmar went on till sunrise
*the trend for import cars was to ride on big wheels
*hot import nights was also known as hot import fights
*taking pics with models with your hand on their ass at car shows

Re: What do you remember about the 90's?

Posted: September 18th, 2009, 9:22 am
LOL at this thread. Damn, I remember fools passing away and getting locked up. Remember crack gave way to shabu. I remember the youngsters taking it to the next level, always heated, always blasting. Guys started doing time more than the guys from the 80's.

The 90's is when the other Asians really started gangbanging, started making their identity known.