Discuss general Black gangs in Los Angeles County which include Bloods, Crips, Hustlers, Crews and Independent groups in Los Angeles County here.
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Probably would b pissed but I don't think it would make a difference for more than maybe a week of being mad

I talked to this WSP from West kovina set, and he said no Blood that he knows really cares or talks about it, and so far no Crips really talked about it except for this one dude who said Tookie is just "a patsy" for politics because he didn't really start the Crips (because this dude was from the original Slauson CriBs, I might post his story later, interesting stuff)

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Unread post by George » December 2nd, 2005, 9:32 am

Still people mad at Tookie after all these years???

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Unread post by youngwun » December 2nd, 2005, 3:55 pm

I really dont know what the reaction will be.

I'll tell you this, in most hoods, Tookie's name is famous but in the same way Monster is famous. They just got themselves in the media spotlight and it's hard to ignore that shit. It's astonishing how little time Tookie really spent on the streets before he got locked up. I dont think anyone, crip or Blood, is in the position to go apeshit. This aint like Rodney King. The dude has done a lot for the kommunity and more power to a nigga, but you gotta understand it's hard for an organisation or group of people to get behind a dude and try to konvince regular america that they should spare the life of a dude who killed "innocent people", know what I'm saying?

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