East Side Choppers 12 (Midnight / Media Noche)

Discuss Hispanic gangs, Southsiders, Sureños in LOS ANGELES COUNTY ONLY. There are four general geographic categories Hispanic gangs fall into for LA.
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Re: East Side Choppers 12 (Midnight / Media Noche)

Unread post by sickside » February 10th, 2009, 6:41 pm

lol, i love it

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Re: East Side Choppers 12 (Midnight / Media Noche)

Unread post by GIBBY » February 10th, 2009, 8:14 pm

twocost wrote:
sickside wrote:lol..who let this kid hear...lmao....aaaaaaaa this net banger....lol.....nice! you are a joke..."from both hoods"....lol..lol
I just disrespected your motha esa. I called her a whore, I disrespected you to the fullest extent and you're bitch ass laughs? You just proved to every motha fucka here that yous a bitch. You back down you #%@&#%@ leva next time I see your motha i'll slap that slut across the face for making a coward esa.
You're talking reckless.

1) Anyone claiming two varrios at the same time is no good and playing both sides.

2) C12 doe not get along with MVs

3) Disrespecting this vatos jefa is uncalled for and shows you have no discipline or self respect

You need to check yourself

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