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Re: Is there LA gangs have 2 names like OC gangs.

Posted: June 3rd, 2019, 5:00 am
by TheAngels
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AmericanZombie wrote:Is 18th Street the only gang with a clique within a clique?

I figure that’s likely due to their days when they were rapidly growing and had such a high amount of members per clique/neighborhood.

Clanton 14 st. is a bit unique by having a 1st hood, 2nd hood, 3rd and 4th hood, and then the cliques under them.
According to Alonso, 18th Street Hollywood Gangsters is the name of the hood, but not really a clique...

I think it's a grey area... Sometimes the name of the hood is both the hood and the clique name if that's the only clique there. I'd say 18th Street Rimpau Gangsters is a clique but also the name of the hood, as there are no other cliques in that hood.

I think it depends on the size. Maybe 18 HGS numbers was big enough that they could have a few cliques. It makes sense though: 18th Street hoods acts semi-autonomously from one another and each of their hoods have their own identity, so some will naturally have their own cliques.
18st Hollywood Gs are a click of 18st but can be considered their own gang/hood since they have their own area. The Rimpau Gs territory is connected to Rancho park and Smiley drive because 18st occupy that whole area from about West Blvd to Fairfax and Washington to Jefferson. They don't run every street in their hood like most gangs but thats their area. Some parts of that hood go north to Venice and i used to see 18st hitups more west in that area around Syd Kronenthal park.
Does 18st Rimpau connect to the territory of 18st Smiley/Alsace/Rancho? I always thought there was a gap between. I never really thought of 18st Rimpau going south of Washington or down to the 10 freeway, and never thought of Smiley/Alsace/Rancho going north of the 10.

If that territory does connect or they claim it, they must not be on all those blocks in between. I don't think they're that deep.
18st been hitting up for years around Adams and West blvd and some 18s lived across from my uncle on Harcourt. I always used to see Rancho park hit up in that area. I even used to see Ranchos hit up around Washington and Sycamore in School Yard hood. Also when i lived of Washington and Redondo they had that area to about Adams and to the west and they were around Hauser and Adams. Now i see them hitting up as far as Jefferson and Hauser and up and down Redondo. I been seeing 18st Rimpau hit up for years around Washington just west of West blvd. Like i said they don't run every street in that area but thats their area and they move around in that area. I believe Buckingham turns into West blvd and some 18s lived around 28th or 29th in some apartments. I never seen any 18s around Syd Kronenthal park but i been seeing it hit up for a long time around there and wonderif thats their hood? I knew a lady from 18 who lived on 1 of those streets between Redondo and Hauser just south of Washington and there were a couple 18s on her block.

I always thought Kronenthal Park was more W/S Locos hood... or the outskirts of their hood. I have Locos' borders as being National, 10 Freeway, La Cienega, and Balloona Creek.
It probably is ws Locos hood but about 10 to 15 years ago, all i saw was 18st hitups over there but never ran into any. All up in the creek bike path. How long has ws Locos had that territory? I always wondered where their hoods at because i found a old ws Locos hitup on the sidewalk around Adams and Catalina in Harpys/20s hood.

I do recall reading and hearing that WS Locos did originate in Harpys territory back in the day. Like in the 1970's. But that area got taken over by Harpys, and WS Locos no longer have a presence there. So that tag you saw must've been old! Either that, or an OG coming through to hit up.

But to try to answer your question: the area they hold over along Venice Blvd between La Cienega & National -- I'm guessing they've been there since the 70's or 80's. The thing is they started north of the 10 Freeway near Reynier Park, but lost that hood to CFL 13 (tagbangers turned gang). So now WSL is south of the 10. Their main clique is Halm Avenue.

That might be WS Locos' "second hood" after the original hood in Harpys territory. Then WS Locos have a hood in northwest Glendale, and a couple other places I think. I don't know if Compton Varrio Locos is related...

Re: Is there LA gangs have 2 names like OC gangs.

Posted: August 17th, 2019, 5:01 am
by Chicanoism
There’s a ton of incorrect information on OC varrios posted here. I’d be happy to clear it up but I don’t which comment to start with.