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Some questions from an outsider

Posted: September 20th, 2003, 2:47 am
by CuriousEuropean
Firstly, thanks to Alonso for running this site, very informative, nice one.

Ok, I'm an outsider, living in UK, Europe. We've all seen the film colors and boyz in the hood etc, i just thought LA was full of crazy maniacs running round with shooters wearing red or blue and killing each other.

It wasn't until I saw the Tupac/Biggie/Suge documentary years later that caused me to try to learn about the street gang thing and its significance, both for that scenario and day to day American life in general.

Apologies for my ignorance, I'm not a criminal, I'm white, I dont live the life portrayed here nor am I wannabe or internet gangster. Would be grateful if someone could spare 10 minutes to clear a few things up in relation to street gangs. This post is fairly long, sorry bout that, but like the name, I'm curious.

Right, the biggest question is why do you do it ?, but as thats somewhat unanswerable, I'm trying to build a picture to give me clues as to the reasons, so I can form opinion.

Your neighbourhoods ?, what sort of sizes are you talking about populations wise ?. The city I live in has 300,000. What type of populace has Compton, Inglewood etc got ?. If your a black male living in these areas, is it likely your in a gang ?. How difficult is it to live in these places and not take part in gang activities ?.

I'm not a rap fan, but I have listened to some, I hear talk of "escaping",
"getting out of the ghetto", Is that the aim for many bangers ?. Is it frowned upon by others to escape ?. How is this most commonly achieved ?.

How do your families view what you do day by day ?. I take it your parents, brothers/sisters live in your neighbourhoods, are they under threat from the violence ?. Are civilians (non gang members) at risk, (I understand about stray bullets), but are certain gangs likely to attack civilians, even kill them ?. Do families ever get brought into your gang warfare ?.

The slang. What does "putting it down" mean ?. Whats a "buster" ?.
I've read some posts on this forum (fascinating to an outsider too), I dont get all the lingo used. Lowrider - thats a car right ?. Whats a gangsta, whats a thug ?, - I'm guessing a gangsta bangs, whats the difference between a gangsta and thug ?. Do they ever cross swords ?. The "Thug life" ala Tupacs tat, what is that ?. What do bangers call civilians (non gang members) ?. What does "set trippin" mean ?. "Playa" ?, eh ?.

Activities ?. I've read (or tried to read) alot on this site to drink in the info to picture it, but I've also read (Malcolm Klein was it ?), that a gangs biggest activity is inactivity, is that about right ?. Day to day, what do you (gang members) do, just chill out and play cards ?, work ?, smoke ?,(that film Friday cracked me up), wage war against rivals ?. I can't believe that everyday every gang rolls around blasting away at whom ever, what is it you do day to day ?.

Wealth ?. Again, from what i've read / watched, drug trade seems to be staple income. Is that the case ?. Car theft ?, jewellery shop robbers ?, bank robberies ?, do gangs take part in these activities to raise cash ?. On the bigger, national scale, any links to other organised crime families (Mob, Triad, Russians etc) for any aspect of business ?. THe common image portrayed via media is that gang members chill all day with 10 grand cash in their pockets, money everywhere, "bling bling" type of thing.
Does nobody make a stash with their money and blow town to get away with their girl and start anew ?.

Heirarchy ?. I take it the elder members are close to the top in the specific sets. Is there a chain of command in LA ?, is one blood gang in control of another ?. I'm sure there is, but is there 1,2,3 or 4 key figureheads for either gang (Blood/Crip) to control things on the big scene.
Or do gangs just fend for themselves, both locally and nationally ?.

The Feuds and turf ?. I always thought, assumed, that Crip and Blood went off at each other, I didn't know blue fought blue and red fought red. Why do they do that ?, how come they're not united against their common enemies ?. After a battle, can a gang be pushed into extinction ?. Do gangs purposely stray into anothers turf just to kill others ?, or do they do it with the intent of taking over that localities drug trade ?. Is it dangerous at all times (like even 8 am) to walk down the wrong street ?. Even without your rags ?, do you wear your rags at all times ?, no matter what area your in and how outnumbered ?. Me, as a civilian, would I be attacked if I walked down say, the town centre of Compton ?. Do many innocent people get injured because they're wearing say a green shirt or a blue hat in the wrong place ?. Is there any gangs that purposely dont kill others, just ruin their lives ?. In Britain, we have the IRA (Irish terrorists), to punish folk, they dont kill them, they kneecap them - 1 bullet each into the kneecaps - so that person cant walk again. Do any gangs go in for long term torture like that ?.

The Truce. Can someone tell me something about that ?. Why it started ?, how long it lasted ?, why it ended ? etc etc.

Weapons ?. Strewth. I am staggered and frightened by the ease of availability of maniacal, evilly engineered tools. How much does it cost to buy yourself, say an automatic ?, where do they come from (as in white America, Middle East, Russian republics etc ) ?.

Finally, your view on it all. From what I've read here, both on boards and articles, seems as tho' all you gang members are aware your self inflicting genocided on yourselves (black on black). How do you feel about that ?. To me, its strange that your aware your doing it, yet your still doing it. Do you feel its unescapable ?. Do you like it ?. Do you want to get out of "the game" ?. Have you ever travelled ?. Been to Europe ?, tried skiing ?, seen Australia ?, Florida beaches ?, other things like that, normal things. Seems as tho' gangs just stay amongst their hood, do they ?, or do they travel. Certainly no offence meant by any of that paragraph, I'm just honestly asking what I want to know about.

I'm just average intelligence, with a big curious streak. But there seems like alot of you black gang members are intelligent men. I read some of Ronald Chapmans (MaddRonald) works, that bloke sees deeper issues. Why do you give your lives for this ferocious phenomenon that engulfs you all ?. Do you ever talk about it amongst yourselves ?.

Do you feel you (Gangs) run the streets ?. Do you not ever think about uniting as a criminal force (blue/red/gray whatever) to take over the City ?. My opinion is that middle America is terrified of an uprising of young, aggressive black/ethnic men ?. Some of what that Louis Farrakhan, altho' militant in part urges this, what do you think of that ?.

I've been to America (3 times), I think its inherently racist for the most part. Within 3 hours of being there, a taxi driver and 2 little old ladies in Baltimore called my mate (friend) n***a to his face. Do you feel the same ?. Even the police told us (25 of us on rugby tour) to stay away from the black areas. lol, we got cabs straight down there and had a great day/night. Got drunk as skunks in titty bars and shot some pool.
The Young black American gets portrayed somewhat as a bad lot. mugger, killer, robber, addict. Its not what i found, a few I didnt like in Baltimore, couple in Virgina Beach. Attitude problems, but no more than white or Chinese I didnt like. I had a wander round Bronx too, got drunk there with a girlfriend and had a day there, fine. Didnt stay too late, about 10pm I think (watched Yankees - didnt like baseball). The guys there (big lads tho' some of 'em), they were fine. Anyway, my point is, do you feel that your looked down on by America ?, feared by white classes ?, think the media is slagging you off all the time ?. Obviously the killers and gang criminals deserve fearing and a hard time in press, but ethnic people in general in the states, living in a racist society ?.

One thing I will say is that if a gang member made a gritty, real life documentary about day to daylife over a period of time, (obviously didnt show names / faces etc) and edited it down to a watchable length, they would make a fortune, from curious outsiders, (like me and others on this site). Colors is a film, but films cant be trusted. Books are better, but aren't read by as many as view tv. Ordered "do or die" and "Monster" after reading Alonsos bibliography, not arrived yet, but do gang members see books and film as "just there" or something they want to get involved in or what ?. Do any worth watching documentaries exist ?.

Ok, i'm gonna shut up now. If you read this far, thanks very much, I certainly didnt mean to cause any offence, dont think I have, but apologies if taken some. Any answers / opinon much appreciated.

Kind regards, be safe.


Re: Some questions from an outsider

Posted: September 20th, 2003, 10:37 am
by Kountry
Thats to much to read. But , just cause you stay in a gang hood does mean you have to bang. Lowrider = car ,busta = punk,

Re: Some questions from an outsider

Posted: September 24th, 2003, 3:25 am
by CuriousEuropean
Ok, thanks for that Kountry. Yeah, thought my post was too long when I sat back and re-read it, lol, fingers and mind ran away with the questions.

I say again tho, if anybody could take 5 minutes read my first post and sort of put an overview down in the thread, sure clear up some questions marks in my head.

Regards, be safe.

Re: Some questions from an outsider

Posted: October 5th, 2003, 8:16 am
by CuriousEuropean

C'mon. Surely someone can apply a bit of thought and answer a question thats a bit more inquisitive than "what film...." or one thats not from that strange Cereal character.

Replies appreciated, I'm a researcher in need of help !.

Re: Some questions from an outsider

Posted: October 6th, 2003, 1:36 pm
by Bulls Fan
from what i know....gangs in hoods arent just "gangs" like they are portrayed on tv and movies, music videos, etc etc. It seems to be more like a community. One big family. A good example of that is Watts. From what i know and hear..."everyone knows everyone." So i guess its more like the gangs protect their hood (community) from outsiders and guys from other sets, gangs, etc. I could be completely wrong but this is just my conclusion from being around gang bangers, and friends who live in these areas. I used to live in housing projects in Boston when i was younger...and i saw the same "comraderie" (sp) over there. There was a gang, and they were very protective of our area...but none of them really messed with the residents. But instead of a gang, i would say its more of a community.

In my opinion, i think gangs DO run this country. Gangs have so much history from 5 points in New York to Compton, Inglewood, etc etc. Countless movies, media attention. It seems like everyone wants to be a "gangster, gangsta" etc. I also think that gangs are almost the backbone of this country. Corporations are one big "gang" if you think about it. They just use politics and money to "muscle" each other out. Not to mention nowadays, everyone knows "someone" whos in a gang. For example, you rarely see a ONE ON ONE fight in suburban america. Someone always shouts out something like "I know 18th street!!!!" (most common in my experience) or "I know a crip/blood." My point is that gangs are completely inebriated in our society. Even some fraternity/sororities are registered gangs.

why reds fight reds and blues against blues? from what i hear...its always over money or women. im sure theres more, but Casper or someone experienced would be able to answer the question in depth. Anyway, all your other questions are best left for the gentlemen with expirience. hope ive helped a little.

Re: Some questions from an outsider

Posted: October 8th, 2003, 2:50 am
by CuriousEuropean
Bulls fan, appreciate the response. Yeah, that helped me get a bit more knowledge on it.

Since I first put this thread up, I've read both "Do or Die" and "Monster", sort of enjoyed them too in a "thirst for knowledge" type of way. Altho' felt unease at the outlook and complete lack of compassion.

Only way I can see it is as a modern day tragedy. Seems like dont nobody know why these fellas is bleeding and dying all over the streets.
A pyschologist/analyst couldnt put this jigsaw together.

There are many who are strong enough to see the way forward and stop the genocide but many, many more willing - wanting - to carry it on, these make those willing to stop unable to stop. The pathological human instinct for survival overrides any possible peace feelings. And so the news gets its stories.

With respect to all you guys out there living this vida loca, I feel genuinely sorry for you. Not pity. I fully understand you live how you choose. I wish you every success in getting up out of there if thats what you want.

America dont give a shit about none of you, the cops want you to wipe each other out. How come you can all see this and still give 'em what they want ?, to your detriment. Enigma aint the word for this puzzle.


Re: Some questions from an outsider

Posted: October 8th, 2003, 5:23 am
by Bulls Fan
never ending dichotomy...

Re: Some questions from an outsider

Posted: October 8th, 2003, 8:24 am
by wcrockets
Looks to me like Soulsedge has moved to Europe. Haha..