Gang of Los Angeles in the richest neighbourhood ?

Discuss Hispanic gangs, Southsiders, Sureños in LOS ANGELES COUNTY ONLY. There are four general geographic categories Hispanic gangs fall into for LA.
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Re: Gang of Los Angeles in the richest neighbourhood ?

Unread post by perongregory » December 3rd, 2007, 11:41 pm

B_One wrote:
AcmeWhiteBread wrote:Used to buy dime bags of herb from GYC. Their a big nothing. Shorelines were smoking them all the time. I live in what would be their hood if the had one. East odf Santa Monica City College. Even Shorelines are not that deep or scary. I been to east venice and seen them hanging. de nada...
GYC is north of Santa Monica College, not east. Shoreline and GYC don't really beef. There are a lot of family connections between GY and Shoreline. Most GYC's beef comes from SMG - the Latino gang in Santa Monica. GYC and SMG share the same neigbhorhood though control different street within the neighborhood, and they've had problems for years. I've actually never heard of anybody from GYC getting "smoked" by someone from Shoreline.

Also, Shoreline still commands a great deal of respect in County and State. Whoever said the Westside varrios and hoods are shrinking is right, but a few clicks are still powerful -- especially Shoreline, CxC and to a lesser extent, Venice x3. Shoreline is no where near as powerful as they once were, but I wouldn't suggest runnin up on them either.

Also, as Alonso wrote in a different thread, neither Shoreline nor Graveyard nor SMG are in the richest neigborhods amongst LA gangs. The part of Santa that GYC and SMG are in is highly impoverished. Folks are living in garages, and huge families share 1 bedroom apts. The area between the 10 freeway and pico is undergoing some gentrification, but is not rich by an stretch of the imagination.
al real shit.

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Unread post by AztecNinja » March 7th, 2008, 8:55 am

Arent EC190's in Carson in a nice area?

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Re: Gang of Los Angeles in the richest neighbourhood ?

Unread post by angfsgv » August 29th, 2017, 12:05 am

R-Tistic wrote:For Los Angeles city, not county? Hmm...some on Mansfields hood is pretty nice. Most of 20s isn't, but if you go like one block west of Crenshaw, off of Adams I think, it's a nice neighborhood over there that you can't even get to from the south of it. But I don't think it's really anybody bangin who lives's pretty high middle class, I think it's on Victoria? My cousin lives there as well as a lot of my parents friends.

Yeah, where Overhills are, I suppose they are in the nice houses over there too. I heaard it's some crip gang in View Park but I just laugh at the thought of it if it's true.

For Inglewood, NHP's neighborhood is nice, as well as some parts of Family's hood is relatively well off.

I think Carson has some of the richest black neighborhoods...I've heard people say it's the richest black city in America, I donno how true it is though. But Centerview's "hood" looks extremely nice and I know most of those who own the houses are doin well. And does anybody know if the ECCs or 190s are in Unversity Heights? My homeboy lives there, he says it's some gang or gangs there but it is VEEERY nice there.

As many people on here say, just because a neighborhood is rich or nice doesn't mean it's all good. But in my opinion, it just looks funny to see dudes bangin in front of nice houses, and especially when dudes bang and their parents don't even know it, and always preach to them "I don't want you joining a gang" after they've been in one for some years.
Neighborhood Piru's hood in Inglewood is all apartments. IFG and Avenue Piru have well kept areas, but south (CMG, Tongans, Raymonds, Center Park, 18th Street, IVC), west (Inglewood 13, Los Compadres), and northwest (NHP, Centinela Park, Inglewood 13, Queen Street) Inglewood is quite ghetto.

Agreed about Carson as north of the 405 looks much nicer than south of it, though parts of north Carson still look like the hood (Victoria Park).

West LA? A lot of that is because of gentrification, as gangs like Sotel, SM13, Graveyard Crips, Venice 13, and the Shoreline Crips have a LOT of history despite their hoods being more upscale for the most part. These areas weren't nice when these gangs first started.

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