38th Street Gang

Thousands have been killed in the conflict that has been taken place in Los Angeles during the last couple of decade. Post dead homies from gangs in the 88 cities within Los Angeles County.
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38th Street Gang

Unread post by gautier » January 23rd, 2019, 10:01 pm

Juan Ortiz and Carlos Vargas-November 26, 1996 killed by Florincia 13
Roberto "Silent" Molina-February 10, 2002 killed by Barrio Mojados 13
Jesse Morales -June 3 2003 Killed by Barrio Mojados 13
Mark Hernandez-October 27, 2005 Killed by Florincia 13
Ricardo Lizarraga-February 14, 2007 Killed by Barrio Mojados
Victor Moreno-May 14, 2009 Killed by Florincia 13
Ruben“Smurf ”Uroza-February 7, 2010 Killed by All For Crime Bloods
Jorge Garcia-March 30, 2010 Killed by Pueblo Bishop Bloods

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