Nipsey Hussle - Slauson Boy Mixtape volume.1 [2005]

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Nipsey Hussle - Slauson Boy Mixtape volume.1 [2005]

Unread post by Jinky08 » September 9th, 2009, 7:38 am

1. Slauson Boy
02. On the Blocc
03. Rimpaus Finest
04. Ooh (Showin Ya Draws)
05. Wrap It Up
06. 4 the Uhh (Jus So I Could Get Some)
07. Grams and Goldchains
08. Remind Me of My D
09. Cali
10. Fastlane Youngstas
11. Whatz the Bizness
12. Trapps
13. Things Aint Been the Same


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