flip gettin ass whooped

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flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by pimpsmooth420 » March 25th, 2005, 3:42 am

Somewhere around 8 p.m. on Thursday March 24th there was an altercation in Cloverland, a neighborhood on the south side of Houston, TX between rappers Lil Flip and TI. The Atlanta rapper had made some disparaging comments about the Houston rapper on Houston radio earlier today and stated that they were on the way to Flip’s neighborhood.

I got all this shit from C-Note of the Botany Boys/Clover G’s, which of course is Flip’s peoples so take it for what it’s worth till I can get confirmations from both sides and hopefully an objective witness, if one exists.

After hearing the shit talking on the radio, C-Note scooped up Flip and took him to a detail shop near the famed Cloverburger where TI and his folks, including Houston’s Lil 3rd, were posted up, possibly shooting footage for a DVD.

The story goes like this, C-Note got out of the car at the detail shop, TI and friends didn’t know Flip was there, and when Flip emerged from the vehicle, a fight between the two rappers broke out (“Just fists, though some people – not affiliated with the Clover G’s camp – started shooting in the air,” states C-Note). Flip allegedly dropped TI first and then a mob of people began to stomp him.

People that weren’t even with Flip and them stomped him. “Lil Crips and Bloods and shit.” Says C-Note.

Supposedly a videotape of the incident exists, in TI’s camp.

When asked for a comment, SergDun of SoManyShrimp.com said “Jesus this sounds like the Houston version of Grease the movie.”

In my opinion, I just have to say, and I told Bun B this before he ever heard the infamous mixtape where TI goes off on Lil Flip, maaan, lemme just say, if somebody said some of that shit about me on a CD, that TI and his cohorts said about Flip, motherfuckers would die. I’m not a violent person and I can brush off a lot of shit, but I just remember listening to that little mixtape (once cuz I hate the BS hip hop beef gayness) and thinking to myself, somebody’s gonna die over this BS. TI and them went a lil too far. Hump talking about Flip’s mother’s house and all that shit. I remember thinking to myself, somebody is going to die.

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by Oaktown » March 25th, 2005, 8:05 am

Asif TI didn't drop Flip.... he musta been high or somethin'.

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by Word » March 25th, 2005, 9:53 am

Hahah... Good Stuff

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by raphead2001 » March 25th, 2005, 11:50 am

i read lil flips peoples fucked up Ti then one of Ti's homeys name Macboney put hands on flip. I read this at allhiphop.com at the rumors section.

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by GTS » March 25th, 2005, 11:59 am

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors, neither side is gonna admit they got stomped.

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by K1LLJOY » March 25th, 2005, 2:54 pm

for real tho gts


Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by NikexCortez » March 25th, 2005, 4:38 pm

if they really waz shooting a dvd. they should have sum footage of the fight.

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by mamlook » March 25th, 2005, 4:44 pm

Im starting to believe this even more now...It was all over the radios as well...The only thing I dont understand is if flip or his crew rushed TI, how could he be well enough to do an interview at a radio station after that?

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by Young C Dub » March 25th, 2005, 10:37 pm

Who ever got the worst of the fight is going to pay alot of money so that the public never views that tape.

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Re: flip gettin ass whooped

Unread post by Red Kelly » March 25th, 2005, 11:34 pm

I heard the complete opposite on the radio down here in GA. They say TI beat down Lil Flip. TI's camp says they will release the DVD of the fight in upcoming months but that several members of his Grand Hustle click have to have their faces blurred out because some are on parole or having pending court cases and do not want to draw law enforcement attention. Time will tell but from what I have heard about them Grand Hustle would probably not be standing around doing nothing and shooting in the air while TI got rat packed.

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