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Korbell - A Star Is Born

Posted: October 1st, 2005, 11:49 pm
by J-Hogg
check out his album here.

Posted: October 4th, 2005, 5:31 pm
by J-Hogg
did anyone check it out.what yall think?is he tight or weak?

rapper,vocal/arranger and writer. korbell has a good musical touch to add to the music world. the album title korbell a star is born is full of the magicial talents to make you sit or relax and listen to or dance to or just ride along and enjoy . yes it does contain parental advisory however a edidited version will be out soon. for several years korbell has been around and groomed his talents , so he can compete with the world on this cd as well as the others. korbell on Febuary 27th 2005 was shot 12-times with a 9mm and is expected to live and preform in the near future. At this point it should be added that some pertty good talent was a big part of this album,with Wizdom developing the music and Mello-D singing all tracks, makes this album off the hook. LISTEN TOO IT AND RATE IT. tell everyone to buy the album.To see him preform is a blessing
if you dont buy the c.d be on the looks of the DVD AND NEXT ALBUM, You know on March 1 2005 korbell was on
B.E.T and now IS slated to join up with 50- cent and
G-Unit, WHO KNOWS so ya might want to buy the album now.