National Indigenous Memorial Day

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National Indigenous Memorial Day

Unread post by MILNATIVE » October 13th, 2008, 5:11 am

Today Monday October 13, 2008 many Americans will celebrate
Columbus day. It is celebrated the second Monday of October.
For many Americans, especially Italian Americans, they will rejoice
in the tales of Christopher Columbus in 1492, sailing the ocean and
discovering to-date "undiscovered" lands and people.
As far as the lands he claimed them for his country of Spain, by
right of discovery.
He was trying to track a shorter route to India, in which to obtain
valuable trade commodities, but ended up off course landing first in
Caribbean islands. Mistaking these lands as China and Japan he went
to work at making himself rich.
Ignoring the already populated lands, by people he called Indios
thinking he had landed in the Indies.
He at first came to these new people with friendship but when he saw
opportunities to exploit then he went about doing so.
He enslaved and killed thousands with his policies and manner of
dealing with the natives. He also brought with him European diseases
which killed millions.

So we come to this national holiday which celebrates his
accomplishments as a European explorer. But for Indigenous people
his name invokes anger and astonishment at how this man can be
honored for his genocide of Native peoples.

Many groups have been protesting this day for years most notably the
American Indian Movement-Denver chapter along with their allies.
The have annually hosted events and protested the parade that takes
place there on Columbus Day.

I have been considering for a few years now about participating/
coordinating some type event for my community to protest Columbus
Day. I know I've seen this title before and I think it is very
accurate and this day should instead be a day of Indigenous
solidarity and pride and recognizing where we are as people 516
years after Columbus.

It can be recognized through prayer and discussions how to use this
day as a catalyst for change and improvement for Indigenous people
everywhere. Therefore I propose a gathering in this communities on
Monday the 13th, to discuss and open dialogue on possible future
events and ways of using this day to empower people and remember
history. I would like to hear from others how the feel about this
issue and if they would be willing to participate or support this type of event.

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Re: National Indigenous Memorial Day

Unread post by jdm894g » October 9th, 2009, 11:50 pm

Real talk!!! He wasnt an explorer, he was a pirate along with vasco de gama and cortez and all those urepean pirates that sailed to the western hemisphere. You cant discover a land that is already inhabited. But thats that European mindset. Look what they did to Africa, they claimed areas as iff were thier own. Then they come west and continue to rape, pilage, rob folks of thier land, religion, culture, language and natural resouces. Then they had the bright idea of manifest destiny here in what is now called the united states. I get mad when i think about how native people were opened aremed and let he white man in and all he did was turn around and take thier land.

i really wish columbus would have gotten lost or the natives would have killed the pilgrims.

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Re: National Indigenous Memorial Day

Unread post by Dobre » October 20th, 2009, 9:36 pm

So basically we killed them all and now we're giving them a memorial day? That's kind of like adding insult to injury in my opinion.

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