Gang war in northern europe

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Re: Gang war in northern europe

Unread post by Sentenza » March 16th, 2016, 4:14 am

A guy was blown up in his car yesterday, police are not clear about the motives yet, but there might some of the biker gangs involved.

Terror in Berlin as driver dies after 'explosive device' blows up his car during rush-hour, in suspected underworld hit ... pital.html

We believe he died through a bomb attached to the underside of his vehicle,' said prosecutor's Martin Steltner.

The victim ran illegal betting operations in Berlin, was involved with counterfeit money gangs and was once sentenced for trading in cocaine.

The police and prosecutors in Berlin totally ruled out any terrorist motive. 'The suspicion lies in the direction of organised criminality,' added Steltner.

Violent rocker gangs in Germany, organised on the lines of Hells Angels, have long fought brutal turf wars involving extreme violence and murder.
This was just a few hundred metres away from the last apartment i lived in a couple of years ago.

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Re: Gang war in northern europe

Unread post by iboy » August 31st, 2016, 11:46 am

In the last 5 years, alot of germany gangs have teamed up with danish gangs, its actually kinda weird, how close the danes and germans are.

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