31 arrested in Orange drug probe GANGSTA KILLA BLOODS

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31 arrested in Orange drug probe GANGSTA KILLA BLOODS

Unread post by lb516 » February 29th, 2004, 5:13 am

31 arrested in Orange drug probe

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Star-Ledger Staff

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and Orange Police Department say they have crippled three drug trafficking groups in recent weeks, arresting 31 alleged dealers that included members of the Bloods street gang.

Police say the investigation, dubbed Operation Orange Bowl, began last July when local authorities noticed a surge in the number of heroin, cocaine and crack addicts showing up on the streets and in local hospitals. Fearing violent drug gangs from Newark and Irvington might be moving into the township, local police requested help from the DEA, officials said.

The police and DEA agencies found that narcotics suppliers from Orange and surrounding towns had banded together to form three separate crews that controlled the drug trade in spots around the town, according to Orange Police Director Edward Lucas.

One crew, the Gangster Killer Bloods, or GKB, set up shop in the area of North Day and Washington streets, police said.

Two other crews included members of the Bloods but were dominated by local dealers unaffiliated with the gang: the 108 Crime Family, which controlled the Alexander public housing complex, and the Jurassic Park crew, which operated in the area of Central Playground, police said.

Altogether, the crews put several pounds of drugs on Orange streets every week, police said.

Police officials said the crews appeared to operate independently and it appeared the Bloods were attempting to expand their influence in Orange.

"If left alone, they could have become a bigger problem," said Lucas.

Early this month, authorities began rounding up suspected street-level dealers and leaders. All were arrested on drug distribution charges, some under state statutes and others under federal statutes. Several remain at large.

Police say those arrested included Andre Coleman, 28, of Orange, who allegedly ran the 108 Crime Family crew in the projects; Hakim Camel, 32, a Blood from Newark who acted as the GKB street lieutenant, and Roland Steele, 24, a Blood-affiliated street lieutenant for the Jurassic Park crew.

Authorities also seized more than $100,000 worth of narcotics, six cars and $12,000.

Jonathan Schuppe covers criminal justice. He can be reached at jschuppe@starledger.com or (609) 989-0398.

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Re: 31 arrested in Orange drug probe GANGSTA KILLA BLOODS

Unread post by Q » February 29th, 2004, 4:59 pm

theres alot of gkb in nj

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