Feds Team With Fresno Police Against Gangs

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Feds Team With Fresno Police Against Gangs

Unread post by Primetime » June 29th, 2005, 2:27 pm

Feds Team With Fresno Police
June 5, 2005 — Fresno Police join forces with federal agents to change something that's become all too common in the city. The program is called the Violent Crimes Impact Team and the effort to get guns off the streets launched Saturday night.

Police say many crimes are tied to the same gun, so if they can trace gun ownership, they can maybe make arrests on cases gone cold.

That's where federal agents come in, now working with police in Fresno.

Every few months, Fresno Police will gather up the weapons taken off the city streets to show the success in the fight against crime.

"Yet, we continue to see an increasing number of gang members armed with firearms," explained Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

In some areas, gunfire is an almost normal sound of the city.

"On Saturday nights, especially in the summer time, we step outside our patio and usually hear some gunfire. I hate to say it, but that's the way it is," says Southeast Fresno resident Rick Freund.

The Fresno Police Department's focus on people on probation or parole is not new, either. But now, for the next six months, they have federal agents at their side to help them quickly track the guns.

The idea is that many of the same people and firearms are linked to most of the crime.

"The goal is to take as many guns off the street as possible to reduce violence in the city of Fresno," says Captain Pat Farmer from the Fresno Police Department.

Officers and agents on the Violent Crime Impact Teams will concentrate on trouble spots of South Fresno.

The officers work in Southeast Fresno, an area with 21 shootings and 5 homicides so far this year.

Now with federal agents at their side, police hope some of the guns they seize can be traced to other unsolved crimes.

The U.S. Attorney's office is also involved, so some convictions will mean longer federal prison sentences in lock-ups outside of Californi

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