Lodoño Lopez caught in Argentina

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Lodoño Lopez caught in Argentina

Unread postby Sh4d0w » October 30th, 2013, 7:04 am

Colombian drug trafficker captured yesterday in Buenos Aires had at least two months to lie in Argentina, but he had already gone through Paraguay and Venezuela in an attempt to hide from the authorities, police said Wednesday Colombian.
Henry de Jesus Lopez, 41, alias My Blood and leader of the band "The Urabeños" was captured late Tuesday while traveling in a car and arrived at a restaurant in Buenos Aires, said Gen. Jose Roberto Leon, director of the Colombian National Police, in a press conference from the police leadership. Police initially identified Lopez as the band "The Stubble" but later clarified that it was Urabeños.
A court in southern Florida, the United States requested his extradition four months ago on drug charges, so it is evaluated if it deports Argentina Colombia or refers directly to U.S. territory, the general said Leon.

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