New Zeland gangs

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Unread post by maoriboy » December 9th, 2005, 10:52 pm

just a little more info on gang numbers up here in Northland, New Zealand

140,000 people live in Northland (to give you an idea of gang numbers, compared to population)
-Northland Mongrel Mob have about 300 patched members, and 100+ prospecs, believe in or not but numbers in this gang are falling
-Northland Black Power have 400 - 500 patched members, and 100+ prospecs also these numbers are down compared to previous years.
-Island Mafia claim to have over 100 members and also claim affiliation with Pacific island gangs in Auckland and the Waikato.

these are the big 3, the other gangs are in alot smaller numbers... or gangs like the Triads and Ching fang are not really known bacause of their secracy.

i am a reporter for the local paper here in northland, which is where i get most of my info. i have spent time with a number of gang members while getting stuff for my columb... obviously i use a spell check before i submit my stuff

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by iamomes » September 13th, 2008, 10:25 pm

UmanH-ay wrote:Skinhead were strong in the 1980s here in New Zealand.They are mainly based in the south island and some parts of the north.They are not too strong up here in Auckland because it is very multicultural.
"once were warriors" and "What becomes of the broken hearted" is a good film if you want to learn about the things that go down in South Auckland.
Auckland does have organised gangs like the Mongrel which i heard they had some turf near onehunga and Black power over in Otara (the worst crime affected place in auckland) and in west auckland there is the head hunters.
Most of the organised gangs are down south like lower hutt and upper hutt,hastings,napier.So they are not so strong up here.
Head hunters are a white biker gang with a few maori membership
with the mongrel mob and black power being prodiminantly pacific islander and Maori.

There is a gang that is mainly Samoan and tongan called the "King Cobras"
They are in the central auckland suburbs of grey lynn,westmere and ponsonby.
Not as much membership as the other gangs but even the mongrel mob and black power are weary of them.The suposedly about a few hundread of them.They have no gang colours.Gang member ship ranges from 17-60

There is also Highway 61(the Auckland chapter recently broke up due to the leader being killed)
and The Outlaws and there are some hells angels but they dont hang around Auckland as much.

Asians gangs are becoming active but they dont claim turf here.They are not strong at the moment but they are becoming a problem.Tongan's,Maori's,Samoans sometimes fight with them,usually robbing them or stealing their cars.A lot of them are just vietnamiese,chinese,Thai but they are mainly here as international students.

the following stuff was posted originally by me in the bloods and crips Topic.

Crip and blood activity in New Zealand is still strong but not as strong as two years ago.
Alot of the Races that make up the Blood and crip gangs are mainly samoans and Tongans and Maori, and a few cook islanders and somalians and a very small number of whites.
South Auckland is basically where most of the gangs are active and some parts of central and west and one eastern suburb.
Some People dont claim sets if you were to ask them what blood or crip gang they are from they might just say 'I dunno im just crips are bro'they just represent the crips as one gang.

Here are some crip gangs that are active in Auckland,some could be defunct but ive seen these gangs graffiti around town.

Crip gangs in auckland

Grey lynn Park crips
FTP(fu-- the police)(crip)
DMS(demonstrate my style)
Juvenile crip boyz
Myers park crips
Just straight crippin
Ghetto cow boyz
Rollin cloud crip boys
Otara cripsters
SKB(strictly kelston boyz)

Blood gangs

BNS(bloods never surrender)
West side Bloodz
Royal rd park Bloods
RSP(respect samoan pride)(could be defunct but im not sure)
Rollin heights bloods
Siolent but violent
ELAWZ(rumoured to be a blood gang)

Here is some Background information on some of these gangs.

A gang that has been around for 3 years now.They live around the Central suburbs of Mt albert and Mt Roskill.Originally a breakdancing group
but somehow turned into a crip gang.Key members (O.Gs) are members of the SALT family.The salt guys were a bunch of cousins and brothers who started this crew up and later to extend their friends into the gang.
Rumoured to have rivilary with ELAWZ a cook island blood gang after a
large brawl happend at the Western springs park "Pasifika" Festival.
Also DMS have been rumoured to have been stirring bad blood with a south auckland gang called the JFKs (Just fuckin Crazy) its unknown if the JFKs are a blood or crip gang.DMS is rumoured to have 80 member or higher.


The juvenile crip boyz.Unknown how long they have been active but their turf is in the south auckland suburb of Otahuhu and some members live in the near suburb of Otara.Apparently they occupy the housing projects near the Otahuhu High school.Also they are known to sew Bandannas onto some of their shirts and wearing crip material chuck taylors.
I dont know a lot about what their interests are but one of the members attends my high school which is in western springs (central auckland) he lives in Grey lynn but has connections to them because of his cousins being key members.From what he tells me they have had several upsets with the SBVs (siolent but violent) and GCBs (Ghetto cow boyz) Crip on Crip fighting is not common in nz.They were originally a tongan crip gang but later opened the doors to samoans and other pacific island races.


fu-- the Police.A relatively new gang.Im dont know a lot about this gang but i hear they claim crip.Some members live in Grey Lynn from what i hear.They are known to be very ruthless and most people steer clear of them.Rumours suggest they are a sub set of the Central Auckland organised crime gang the King Kobras.The FTPs graffiti has been seen heavily in Grey Lynn and downtown.Some members are known to be heavily into Amphetamaines and smoking the drug "P" or in the states known as "ice".Some members Attend St Pauls college which is all boys school with Pacific islanders as the dominating race.Known also to crash parties in the upscale areas of remuera,Meadow banks,st heliers bay and a lot of other neighborhoods,usually preying on white guys.

Royal Rd Park bloods

The royal road park bloods operated in the park near royal road in the west auckland suburb of massey.They mainly caused trouble for the residents surrounding the park(which my friend had his car smashed with a bat by the leader of the gang)The members were mainly street kids and actually slept in the park most of the time.Its unknown who their rivals were but the Police issued a restraining order on some of the members
which said they cannot be in the Park.Its unknown where the gang operates now.

Grey Lynn Park Crips

Little is known about this gang.Their graffiti has only started showing up in the past month.Crip activity is now regulary seen in Grey lynn park.
Could be a sub set of the FTPs???
hopefully more info to come

Myers Park crips are a gang which occupies myers park.Myers park is located downtown beside queen st which runs down the side of it and ends near the aotea civic theatre.This gang featured in the TV3 documentary "street kids".It focused on the members on how they wander the downtown streets of auckland.This gang also occupys the Grafton bridge cementary which is just near K-Rd

There is a crip gang in Long Beach called "sons of samoa"
I didnt notice until not long ago that there is a SOS gang in south auckland
I hear some of them moved from the west coast to New Zealand and spreaded their influence into the area.

I would have to say out of the organised crime gangs,Mongrel leads as being the most biggest and influential gang with the Black Power slightly smaller.Both Gangs are fierce rivals with the occasional drive by shooting but mainly both fight eachother hand to hand.
Black power's gang colours are Black and Blue with the mongrel mob being red.Their prospects usually wear bandannas and claim blood and crip.Some of the blood and crip sets down south are sub sets of black power and mongrel mob.

The gangs featured in Once were warriors and What becomes of the broken hearted are fictional but resemble the mongrel mob and Black power.

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by TeeKay » October 26th, 2008, 11:02 pm

From what I've seen Headhunters membership was mainly white/Maori.

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by hamo_uce » October 29th, 2008, 11:02 pm

wynyard Anaia was pres : of the Headhunters West Auckland Chapter and Ivan Isaako was Sargent of Arms back in 1978-79.... They had a disco called "BABES" in the city next to a Punk Rock venue , Were patrons use to get a hiding frm Senior Members frm HH ....

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by hamo_uce » October 29th, 2008, 11:39 pm

Yeah both these guys are Samoan : Anaia & Isaako.... Back in the days I rolled with the SCALP-HUNTERS / City Chapter ( JNR HEADZ ) - 1978 -80 ... Now defunct... The good days scrapping with the punks , skins frm Parnell , north shore etc etc etc... . Heads had most of West Auccland ( Henderson , Te Atatu , G.I ) But also the
had the Whole of the downtown of Auckland ( City Chapter ).....

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by 275glocc » November 14th, 2008, 1:03 am

couple of gangs i knoe of souf auxx...

(b.t.w)Bad Troublesome Ward -MIXED
( beez
(b.s.t)bud smokin thugs
(a.b.t)all bloods togeather-samoans
(c.c.b)crown cres boys-mixed
(j.c.3)youth version of crown cres -"3" stands for the 3rd letter of the alphabet which is c
(r.y.t)ruthless yung thug's
(t.n.s)thugs not soulja's
(l.b.c)lazy but crazy
(r.a)red army
(j.d.s)juvenile delinquint's
(y.d.s)yung delinquint's
(t.c.g)tongan crip gang
(l.h.s)lil homie's
(f.m.s)fuken mangere style's
(j.f.m.s)juvenile fuken mangere style's
(k.t.s)kau tama's
(j.k.t.s)junior kau tama's
(b.m.f)bad mother fuckers
(h.f.k)hu fuken kares
(f.r.s)fuken ruthless souljahs
(y.a.r)yung and ruthless
(s.o.s)sons of samoa
(r.h.v)robin hood villians
(ct.cres)cottingham&cranmere cres
(l.o.t)lowk'd out tongans
(j.c.b)juvenile crip boys
(j.s.c.g)just straight crippin gangstahs
(l.s.t)look sharp tonganz
(j.h.p.)junior horse pack
(b.h.p)baby horse pack
(n.l.s)no limit souljahs
(f.t.w)fuk the world
(l.k.t)laka ke tonu
(m.t.s)mangere thugstahs
(k.c)king cobra's

other auckland gangs
k.h-koe ha

dats all i can fink of

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by THA JINJA NINJAH » January 5th, 2009, 5:19 pm

allright heres a few some have been said allready
MANUREWA-rewa hard 267 ..south auckland
C.I click-cronikly ill
S.A-souths active
W.R.G-white road grove
H.S-hit squad
G.R.T-gang rite thugz
C.G-chain gang
R.A-red army "bloods"
heartless "bloods'
C.H-creatin havoc
B.A.D-battle and destroy
Y.M.B-young mongrelisim boys
L.T.C-long time crippin 'crips'
S.F-stricktly family
L.F-lost fobz
W.C-waysouf crew
N.W-neighbourhood wreckerz
HP-horse pack
C.I.S-cook island souljahz
C.F.L-crips 4 life 'crips'
O.M.C-outlaw mafia click 'crips'
MMM rouge chapter-mightey mongrel mob rougez
R.D.S-represent that shit

papakura & takkanini-kura banging & takks stylez
T.S.B-takk style bloods
J.R.F-jah ruthless fuckerz
B.M-blood mafia ''bloods'
E.K.B-east koast bloods ''bloods'
B.S.B-bates street boys
heartless 'bloods'
L.T.C-long time crippin 'crips'
S.W.C-south west crips
K.B.C-kura banging crips 'crips'
B.N.S-bloods never surrender 'bloods'
R.D.S-represent that shit
M.F.S-mutha fukin south 'bloods'
R.M.B-respect maori blood ''bloods''
A.O.K-all out kings

otara-OTS 274
K.B-killah bz
B.T.W-bad trobulesome ward-super gang made up of:
.BMF-bad mutha fuckers
TS-thug style
FBW-flat bush ward

ccbz-crownz cres boyz 'crips'
FRS-fuckin ruthless souljahs
heartless 'bloods'
B.S.T-bud smoke'n thugz

mangare-madangry 275
F.M.S-fucking mangare styles
T.B-tennesy boyz
H.P-horse pack

theres a few from sth akl cant b botherd type'n more haha

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by THA JINJA NINJAH » February 7th, 2009, 9:24 pm ... re=related

ROSS KEMP on tht mongrel mob...this is part 3 so youll have 2 search you tube 4 the rest

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by tun1c » March 6th, 2009, 4:21 am

haha diz sh** z funi fu** i wana swear algud
haha g ELAWZ anit no slobKz g dey str8 cripin g datz wale baccwardz ma tua'kanaz n the hood
famz g n g ur info z tapali gt ur sh** ryt

haha OKU HA
ma hingoa z bG.TUN1C

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by JHC » August 18th, 2009, 8:48 pm

Theres Black Power, Mut Mob & Highway 61 Chapters in Australia too

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Re: New Zeland Gangs

Unread post by TRYPB » January 17th, 2010, 5:28 am

NZs fully invested with gangs. From the organized ones to your local street crew. Apparently NZ has the most gang members on record per head considering that we are only a nation of 4.0 million (tops). And thats not counting the unofficial sets amongst our suburbs & districts. In comparison others might view the gangs here as copy cats or pointless but Im pretty sure theyll be a few peeps willing to pledge & testify that its cut throat around certain parts of NZ no doubt. Gangs presence is here to stay.

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Re: New Zeland gangs

Unread post by pNutt3r » March 12th, 2010, 5:16 am

TRYPB wrote:NZs fully invested with gangs. In comparison others might view the gangs here as copy cats or pointless but Im pretty sure theyll be a few peeps willing to pledge & testify that its cut throat around certain parts of NZ no doubt. Gangs presence is here to stay.

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