Feds bag gun, two gang members

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Feds bag gun, two gang members

Unread post by hitonme » April 7th, 2006, 12:41 am

Feds bag gun, two gang members
Gregg M. Miliote, Herald News Staff Reporter04/06/2006

FALL RIVER -- Two Asian Boyz street gang members operating in the Flint neighborhood were nabbed by members of a federal gang task force Tuesday night while allegedly attempting to sell a high-powered rifle commonly used by U.S. military snipers.

Pheakedey "Dirty" Chim, 22, of 212 Robeson St., is charged with possessing a large-capacity firearm.

Savong "Smurf" Chuon, 22, of 56 Hargraves St., was also arrested and charged with illegal possession of ammunition and possession of marijuana.

The investigation and arrest were spearheaded by the Southeastern Massachusetts Gang Task Force, a unit comprising local police officers, FBI agents, state police officers, parole officers and deputy sheriffs.

Fall River Detective Michael Osborne, assigned to the task force, learned from fellow officers that Chim was in possession of at least two high-powered rifles and was attempting to sell them during the past six weeks.

The task force learned Chim may have received the rifles from a New Bedford Monty’s Park gang member.

Osborne’s report states Chim agreed to meet with an undercover task force member on several occasions, only to back out at the last minute.

Apparently believing Chim planned to either use the weapons or sell them to other gang members, Osborne, other task force members and the city’s Vice and Intelligence Unit set up surveillance Tuesday around 6 p.m. outside a Hargraves Street apartment complex where Asian Boyz gang members are known to operate.

While watching the area, a task force member continued to try to set up a gun buy with Chim and finally got through to him.

Chim, according to a police report, told the undercover officer that the .30-caliber rifle with scope and another weapon were wrapped in brown trash bags and lying near a Dumpster outside 63 Hargraves St.

The high-powered rifle can strike a target up to 1,500 yards away.

An FBI agent and a sheriff’s deputy eventually located the long-distance rifle but did not find the second gun.

It is unclear how long the rifle was lying next to the Dumpster before law enforcement officials found it.

"With only one gun in our possession, we decided to look for Chim at his residence," Osborne wrote.

Several officers saw another Asian Boyz gang member walking in the courtyard of a Hargraves Street complex and then spotted Chim moments later.

After hearing officers shout for him to stop, Chim apparently ran into a nearby apartment before eventually surrendering.

Because Chim ran into Chuon’s apartment, police were able to search that residence.

While looking through Chuon’s bedroom, officers found a bag of marijuana and a live .22-caliber round.

Chim, believed to be a high-ranking member of the Asian Boyz, has an extensive criminal history in Fall River and was out on bail awaiting a District Court jury trial later this month on charges he shot a rival gang member in Corky Row three years ago.

He was also slated to appear for an Attleboro District Court trial regarding a 2005 arrest for distributing crack in that city.

Chim also allegedly assaulted reputed Bloods gang member Sarath Lon in 2000. Lon was arrested last month in connection with the Flint neighborhood gang-on-gang slaying of Crip member, Nathan "Bouncer" Harrigan.

Both Chim and Chuon were arraigned in Massachusetts Trial Court Wednesday.

Chim was temporarily detained on $5,000 cash bail and Chuon was released on his own recognizance.

http://www.heraldnews.com/site/news.cfm ... 9784&rfi=6

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