Sweeden gangs

There has been an increase in gang and youth groups in many Western European cities that have seen an influx of immigrants. There is also a significant organized crime coming from Eastern Europe In this section discuss Austria [Österreich], Denmark [ Danmark], England, France [FRANSS], Finland, Germany [Deutschland], Greece [Ελληνική, Elliniki], Ireland, Italy [italiana], Netherlands [Nederland], Norway [Norge], Rossiyskaya], Scotland, Spain [España] Sweden [Sverige] and the UK including any place on the Western European continent.
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Re: Sweeden gangs

Unread post by brd127 » March 5th, 2009, 7:53 am

Swedish Street Gang, BREDÄNG WARRIORS !! F.T.P

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Re: Sweeden gangs

Unread post by aceblack » April 19th, 2009, 1:38 pm

There are no, "American Style" streetgangs in sweden.
The streetgangs that exist consist mostly out of teenagers from the suburbs taking the subway into the city (or the bus in other cities then Sthlm), stealing stuff and robbing people for money to marijuana and other drugs. sometimes they ofcourse rob nerds and stupid japanese artists dressed into fruits in they own area. (http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/ar ... en_1099780)
These gangs are generally not very well organisated but ofcourse it's happend that they fight others gangs and so, but you cant really talk about them as organisated streetgangs like Latin Kings or Crips, for example.

The most organisated and dangerous gangs in Sweden is the biker gangs andthere supporters, Bandidos and Hells Angels often get into fights and both gangs are also into more serious crime. Except them there are ofcourse, as in pretty much all countries Organisated Crime gangs that import Cocain and weapons. Some of these gangs have specalitys, like Originals Gangsters who focus on controlling the gamin market and Fucked for Life that rob ATMs. These gangs are not streetgangs even though a lot of people think so. Some Jugoslavian and Albanian (maybe also Russian) mafiastyle gangs are also operating in Sweden. But they are not as good organisated as the Italian Mafia.

My point is, Organisated Crime does exist in all countries, and Sweden have lately had some serious problem dealing with it. The "real" streetgangs that exist are often very smal and are mostly into cocain dealing. There are no streetgang in Sweden that can be compared to the ones in USA. The reason some people think so is becaus they dont know enough about the american gang culture and therefor mistake the O.C gangs as streetgangs.

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Re: Sweeden gangs

Unread post by dubbel » September 4th, 2010, 5:27 am

Aceblack hit it on the nob. That´s how it is in Sweden.Aint no gangbangin L.A style here. Not even close.

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Re: Sweeden gangs

Unread post by alibaba » September 15th, 2011, 8:34 pm

Crips should be worlwide... community revolution in proggresse?
tipical swe sub gangs cmon now no street gangs in swe?? theres a gang on every multi cultural areas here'

stenhagen stg, pettersberg pbg, vallby gz, gottsunda, rinkeby.....................................hundreds of em------
but i think most are unofficial gangs but still dangeraus so dont be talking shit cuz I know how it is robbery everyday something happens here every day,
gunshots, stabbing, robberybut the thing is that there arent many people living here like in the us and anotherthing is that people know how to behave here in sweden,
so they dont end up getting shot unlike the usa were u treat eachother like shit u come here u get shot here like u get there for shitty behavior ..
the only ones getting shot is people who deserves it.. most of the time.. Here most of us respect each other living in the same conditions, were in the same boat
we are all brothers.. broor förståru! Fuck raceism.. we all gods children wether we like it or not we have to take care of each other like brother aint it right?

I would like the crips to come to sweden cus i like the original concept....... Peace and take care!! sholululu breeee One luv 8)

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