''Cabeza de cerdo'' rumanian procurer Mob.

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''Cabeza de cerdo'' rumanian procurer Mob.

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The Madrid Provincial Court has sentenced Ioan Clamparu, aka Pig head, to thirty years in prison on five counts of promotion of prostitution young Romanian Field House, including a minor, and to force an abortion to the latter.

In the ruling, the defendant must compensate for moral damage to three protected witnesses and 12,020 euros less, false name Andrea, who was forced to abort Camplaru, with 30,506 euros.

The ruling, which coincides with the request of the Office, will be satisfied that the accused, a Romanian national, acting in concert with others, succeeded in 2000 an unrealized number of women in her country would travel to Spain, with the promise that they would work in hospitality or in domestic service and concluding with others that would work in prostitution.

However, the ruling stands, once arrived in Spain said they had contracted a large debt to the organization and that they should work as prostitutes and hand over all the money to pay it off.

To break their will, they used threats and physical attacks, they withdrew their personal documents, providing other false, hosted kept in flats which were controlled day and night to prevent escape and closely watched his movements.

Clamparu deceives young Romanian who traveled to Spain thinking they were going to work in the hospitality
Clamparu addressing a group of people, acting some in Spain and another in Romania, women distributed among them in order that recaudasen controlasen and income, indicating they were places where prostitution and met regularly with them to manage the work of women and accountable you on the proceeds.

One of the witnesses at trial had also had several floors and a large number of women in the same situation, which totaled around fifty, according to the statement.

Testimony of 'Andrea'
The court ruling states that in October 2000 the protected witness Andrea, when I was 17 and she was pregnant, came into contact with a person in Romania who offered to come to Spain to work in hospitality.

One person moved into a flat in Madrid, it was reported that prostitution to pay off the debt he had incurred by his trip to Spain, withdrew its documentation and watched at all times.

Andrea told how Clamparu beaten and forced into prostitution abort
As the girl refused to engage in prostitution, the person concerned that he threatened to kill her and all her family and Clamparu punch came when she said she had not come to Spain for this purpose.

Clamparu days later when he learned that the child was pregnant demanded an abortion, saying that otherwise, he would kill her because she could not continue working as prostitutes and, given the opposition of the girl, physically assaulted.

By order of Clamparu, added the sentence, Andrea was accompanied to the clinic The Bosqu "to be practiced with the abortion-five weeks' gestation, and identified with Romanian documents that concealed his minority.

During the hearing, the agents found Andrea at the Casa de Campo explained that the girl did not hesitate to enter the police car could see how he was terrified and told how spent several hours crying nonstop.

The September 22, 2011, the considered world's most wanted pimp was arrested after agreeing with the police the place and time of the arrest. Clamparu had fled more than a decade. In 2004 he had managed to escape a police operation intended to capture him in a house Majadahonda a residential locality on the outskirts of Madrid. Clamparu controlling street prostitution in places such as Casa de Campo and the Marconi neighborhood of Madrid.

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