Vancouver Police warn "Brace for gang war"

American organized crime groups included traditional groups such as La Cosa Nostra & the Italian Mafia to modern groups such as Black Mafia Family. Discuss the most organized criminal groups in the United States including gangs in Canada.
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This section discusses organized crime groups in the US and Canadian street gangs.
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Vancouver Police warn "Brace for gang war"

Unread post by kay » October 18th, 2006, 4:44 pm

Here are some excerpts......

Police are bracing for a gang war in B.C. with the imminent release of an Indo-Canadian mobster from jail.

"There will be shootings for sure. For the most part, it's bad guy versus bad guy but if you interfere in their business, if you are in the wrong nightclub at the wrong time, you're totally at risk," said Vancouver Det. Const. Doug Spencer. "They really don't care. They're not good with verbal skills, these guys."

The mobster who police worry will be the flashpoint for the violence has been linked to the multi-ethnic Independent Soldiers gang whose nominal leader gunned down in 2004.

When he hits the streets, he will most likely attempt to unite the disparate elements of the Independent Soldiers under his leadership, Spencer said.

"A bunch of other guys think they run the [Independent Soldiers] show," Spencer said. "[He's] going to completely take control."

Once the Independent Soldiers are unified, Spencer said, the focus will shift to battles with established criminal organizations such as the UN Gang and the Hells Angels as all try to carve out or maintain their place in B.C.'s lucrative drug trade.

The expected clash between the UN Gang and the Soldiers is of particular concern because both groups are up-and-coming and eager to establish dominance.

"If they run into each other for whatever reason, it's all-out war," Spencer warned. ... 25af&k=182

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Unread post by Trey » October 19th, 2006, 4:39 pm

Read this in the paper yesterday. i always see the aforementioned groups in the club (gang task force included) so imma stay away for awhile..

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