Souljah Speaks on Gang Bangin

American organized crime groups included traditional groups such as La Cosa Nostra & the Italian Mafia to modern groups such as Black Mafia Family. Discuss the most organized criminal groups in the United States including gangs in Canada.
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This section discusses organized crime groups in the US and Canadian street gangs.
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Souljah Speaks on Gang Bangin

Unread post by SouljahGirl » February 13th, 2010, 11:01 am

Let's talk about Gang Violence,

I'm so sick of freaking gang violence. These lil bad ass gang bangers is out here killing each other. Not giving a dam about their own life let alone yours or mine. AND FOR WHAT?..

They claiming streets and don't even own the property on the street they claim .

And they never will, nor will their children nor their childrens children.

The children of the next generation dont have a chance because their parents won't give them one. How will the children know if we don't teach them. And what are you learning young people ? How to shoot a baby?. How to shoot a mother and her daughters? How to walk up and miss your target but hit a little child?

What are you learning?. Who are you modeling yourselves after? The one in yo hood that smoke the biggest blunt.. yeah well in my day it was premo's and you see how that turned out!

Who are you modling yourselves after? Why can't you want better for yourselves? How come all you see in your future is death and prison ?


You all are young you have bright futures. Some of you are good at science, music , sports, art. All kinds of oppertunity out here for you..

Young people STOP IT ! Please. Stop killing yourselves. Stop killing each other. Stop killing us.

We be on the bus stop going to work. Film at 11

We be driving down the street minding our own business and here you come flying by driving drunk and hit us and 3 or 4 more people. Family dies in car crash Film at l1

This has got to stop and caint nobody stop it but you. YOU have to want more for your yourselves. You have to want more for your children. fu-- YOU. Think about your seed. Your children. your childrens children. Think ahead.Don't be selfish and ony think about you.. Think about them even before they get here.

The system does.They thinking about your childrens children. They got plenty of prison beds awaiting them. Believe that! And they plan on yo ass NOT paying me no attention too. They plan so far ahead their budget is figured out and already spent from your FREE LABOR PRISON BOUND ASS...

What, I'm wronge? I dare any one of you to tell me I'm not speaking truth..

Wake Up People..Think about what type of world you are creating for your children to live in. YOUR CHILDREN.. YOURS.. The ones you love. You out here raping and killing and robibin and making it hard for grandmothers to walk the street.

Do you know somebody pushed a 70 year old lady down and grabbed her purse. She was on a walker for Gods sake..

What is going on out her?

Think about it..

Yeah I'm on one.. Im Definitley ON ONE!!

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Middle Weight
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What city do you live in now?: LA

Re: Souljah Speaks on Gang Bangin

Unread post by SouljahGirl » February 15th, 2010, 11:00 am

I don't think that I'll be able to keep up with all of the different sets and gangs and hoods and cliques that are out here today. So I'll make a General statement to all:

Can you all please educate yourselves. Read books of knowledge and seek higher education. Flood these learning institutions with HOOD folk that come out capable of defending their Own. Capable of uplifting their own and qualified to Teach their own. What ever hood you are from what ever set you claim. You all go out there, and be the best YOU that you can be. Not for you, but for your children.

Can you please realize that you have to offer your children more than what was given to you.It is up to you to rear up the generations that are under you. Not teaching hatred of your neighbor ( or celly ) but uniting under the common bond of survival.

Through out History Black and Brown have always been allies. It was a well devised plan to separate and conquer both the Black and the Latino communities. Pitting them one against each other. For the benefit of the Prison and other Industry.

Gentrification is taking place all across America. Hoods and Hood folk are being wiped out and locked up in Prisons and Serving a life sentences because the Developers want the land that they occupy. Some City's and it's developers want to raise the property values in area's occupied by Hood Folk, but to do so they must get rid of us. In order to provide (what they label as) Work Force / Affordable Housing. Some communities are being renovated and upgraded. In this plan was a plan of what to do with those of us who are Hood affiliated. We will be eliminated.

Why?? Well because You all are running around here killing each other. You “ CAINT SHOOT” so you are mistakenly hitting babies and grandmothers and the innocent. You are reeking havoc and destroying your own communities with dope. You live a fantasy life with visions of rims and gold and you would much rather be a rapper than an attorney or a judge,leaving the legal system in the hands of those who are your oppressors.

Has no one ever told you that you all are our Soldiers. You are OUR CHILDREN. Reared up under us for a greater cause and a greater purpose then that of self destruction. The one thing that we all have in common regardless of what Hood we are from is that: because of our life styles -ways and habbits. We have become a commodity for this Prison Industry. And unless we make some drastic changes, we will rear our children to become the same.

Brothers look. The pressure is Really ON YOU. You have to remind yourself that" The only thing they want from your girl is to keep her on welfare. And the only thing they'll do for your child is have a prison bed for him in 18 years or less when ever he gets there. And he WILL get there. If we don’t do something now.

If you see a home-boy or a home-girl about to make a stupid move, "Step Up". Step Up.. Don't let them make a move that will wind them up in the penitentiary for life. Thus leaving his girl and child behind to fend for themselves. This world is viscous. These fake leaders are ruthless.

WAKE UP!! Please..

Your children are depending on YOU

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