Hepatitis C (HCV)

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Hepatitis C (HCV)

Unread post by wcrockets » July 12th, 2004, 6:12 pm

Recently some close friends of mine who have done time at state prison were diagnosed with hepatitis C. Some as a result of being tattoed in prison and some as a result of sharing needles back when they were addicts, etc..

I recommend a blood test. Peace.


How do I catch hepatitis C?

HCV is spread primarily by direct contact with human blood in most of the same ways HIV is spread. However, much smaller amounts of blood are needed to pass HCV that to pass HIV. This makes HVC much more infective.

You may have gotten infected with HCV if:

• you ever injected street drugs, as the needles and/or other drug "works" used to prepare or inject the drug(s) may have had someone else's blood that contained HCV on them. The drug use may have been many years ago and may have happened only one time. Simply sharing a container with a liquid drug preparation which several people use together to fill syringes is sufficient blood-to-blood contact to spread hepatitis C.

• you received blood, blood products, or solid organs from a donor whose blood contained HCV. All blood donors are routinely tested for hepatitis C and have been since 1990. However, as with many diagnostic tests, these are not 100% accurate in detecting the virus, especially if the donor has very recently become infected. The current risk is 1 in 100,000.

• you were ever on long-term kidney dialysis as you may have unknowingly shared supplies/equipment that had someone else's blood on them.

• you were ever a healthcare worker and had frequent contact with blood on the job, especially accidental needlesticks. After needle stick or sharps exposure to HCV positive blood , about 2 (1.8%) healthcare workers out of 100 will get infected with HCV (range 0%-10%). (add to that ... military veterans who have a high incidence of hep C, any first responder, firemen, policemen ... anyone in a profession that may be associated with accidental exposure to other people's blood)

• your mother had hepatitis C at the time she gave birth to you. During the birth her blood may have gotten into your body.

• you lived with someone who was infected with HCV and shared items such as razors or toothbrushes that might have had his/her blood on them.

• you got a tattoo, body piercing, or accupunture and the tools that are used had someone else's blood on them. This happens if the artist or piercer doesn't follow good health practices, such as washing hands and using disposable gloves.

• you ever had sex with a person infected with HCV in which body fluids were exchanged, although this is an infrequent route of transmission . The risk of transmission of this virus by sexual means, either heterosexual or homosexual is very low, and there is debate about whether or not it is ever transmitted by intercourse in the absence of some sores,other disease, or exposure to menstrual blood. There is no evidence that HCv has ever been spread by oral sex.

Many individuals who have recently been found to carry hepatitis C cannot recall any risk factors, and do not know how they acquired the infection. Some of these individuals undoubtedly have used injection drugs, received injections as a child with non-disposable needles, had blood transfusions that they were unaware of during surgery, or were exposed to another person's blood in some way that they do not recall.

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Re: Hepatitis C (HCV)

Unread post by Common Sense » August 8th, 2004, 9:31 am

Hepatitis C is a silent killer.

Don't get a jail house tattoo. Don't get pierced with a non sterile needle.
Don't get body pierced in a non reputable shop. Check to see if they use an autoclave (sterilizer).

This is a serious liver disease and it will eventually kill you especually if you are not taking good care of yourself.

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