Spirituality / Pray for a Thug Day

This is the forum for those who believe that there are other options to gangs and violence and hope to see young people make better choices about their future. Where does change begin?

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Spirituality / Pray for a Thug Day

Unread post by SouljahGirl » July 24th, 2010, 3:34 pm

Mt Carmel Park ( 70th & Hoover ) September 1, 2010

What people will NEVER do is tell me that a Thug or a Thugstress cant become conscious. Caint nobody tell me that God don't Love us , is not here for us and is completly cut off from us because of our culture.

It was when I had those shot guns pointed straight at me that he covered me and not one pellet hit me.
It was when I was running from the police and lost control of the car that I cried out to God and he in that INSTANCE heard me and a miricle occured and I didn't hit that Tree

It was those times that the police got behind me and I prayed ( cause I know I was riding dirty ) that I was not pulled over and I was not arrested, or the time that I beat that case and all of those times ( while active in my Thugism ) that I acted FOUL and was still Blessed, that I was convinced that there was INDEED a God.

With all of the trouble that I casued in my life and with all of the foul things that I may have done and with the way society still batters me.. God don't seem to be tripping off all that. It looks to me like he Loves us so much that when every one all around us can only see the worst in us.. He see's the Best..

Many of us come from households where we are taught of the Most High God. We choose to live our lives in a different manner but one thing stands true. Bring up a child in the way the he-she shall go and though (WE ) may stray- we will always return .. On this day ( 9/1/10) we will be Praying for your return. it is NOT until you all step up and take your rightful place in our families and communities that we will have true Peace.

You all are our Warriors but you are fighting each other and not the real problems. Gang violence is destroying us and I know that some of you ( like myself ) are tired. You are tired of burying homies, tired of jail time tired of being in the game and just out right TIRED.

I found this song the other day and it made me Cry. It made me cry becasue today I work for the Mayor's program to reduce Gang violence and yesterday ( in a matter of speaking ) I was an active gang member terrorizing the streets of LA. Today I move in this H.O.O.D. Ministry but yesterday I was a menace to society.

Some of you all do but a lot of y'all don't really know me and you don't know my trials and all that I have had to endure and the death and destruction that I lived in and was reared up in. The truth of the matter is that God made me who I am and God gave me this Warriors Spirit. I just finally came to my senses that unless I wanna end up in a grave or a prison for the rest of my life Id better give myslef BACK to him.. and that's what Pray for a Thug Day is about..

I know that if I can change any of you can change. God sees something in you that you don't see in yourself.. Trust Me.. I'm a living Witness.. Be Blessed Family.. Be Blessed

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