Would you like to be a young in 2013 ?

This is the forum for those who believe that there are other options to gangs and violence and hope to see young people make better choices about their future. Where does change begin?

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Re: Would you like to be a young in 2013 ?

Unread post by Sentenza » April 18th, 2013, 1:20 pm

alsheikh971 wrote:
Sentenza wrote:I try to understand everyones french in here but its all fucked up. I guess my 2 years in college didnt help much. :mrgreen:
There's a bit of slang in our messages, nevertheless everything is correct.
I've never learnt German, my wife aunt is German, and I wish I could talk with her ... Anyway, she's fluent in French and English. I may plan a trip to Berlin or Düsseldorf in the 5 next years, I only went to Kiel the border city facing Strasbourg, no big difference between Alsace and this part of Germany.
If you go to Berlin, let me know, we can hook up, thats my hood. :mrgreen:

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Re: Would you like to be a young in 2013 ?

Unread post by bgcasper » April 19th, 2013, 11:37 pm

[quote="alsheikh971"][quote="bgcasper"][quote="alsheikh971"]Hi Everybody !
Reading, all this I may feel we're in a session of introspection about the past.
Wow ! Funny ! Younger I was feeling like older people were doing wrong and that I will do whatever better ... Silly Pride !
Sure, now we know, (sometimes), what we could have done to improve our situation back then. But at that time we did not.
I enjoy the present, and fight to make it better (like any one else, except the one who are already served ...)
Rim-K, en effet Seine-Saint-Denis style à base de gilet pare-balles, de pop-pop-pop, pop !
For Sentenza, you German-guys beat up Barça and real, for real I get all pissed off because of those spanish clubs !
I like Barça and Real but enough is enough, I now can't stand their way of playing football, keeping to ball, till you're asleep on the yard. Beat them up
For BG South-cide Paris Treize :
Do U Remenber la Mafia-Trece and even "yannick" not the one of "ces soirées-là" (fell off), but the playa on "yannick j'aime ta maille" so funny.
I remember in 95, there was a big concert organized by people from your hood in winter and there was the biggest strike ever, things didn't seem happy back then, lots of snow, no train, huge traffic-jam real mess. Even I, was trapped in Paris because I was doing time in the army ... Just my duty, no silly shit, I think I'm smarter than that :mrgreen:
Peace to all the Frenchies
Still Rep that RedBlack&Green and Gwada 4 sure
Salaam[/quote]yeah i remember the concert my big homie joe mafia trece og did a fake concert anouncing wu tang clan in paris but at the end only few sherm head showed off pretending to be the wu tang there was a riot lolol is that what u talkin about >??[/quote]
Yeah, exactly this one ! They claimed that wu-Tang sunz of man and others were coming, I may have this recorded on a cassette !
Crazy shit back then winter, strike, no mass transit transport. Damned
SO you were there, classic story for old headz[/quote] i was not there that night ...
yeah but i do know it in detail cuzz our homies was doin the security and had to kidnapp the organisator'' joe ' girlfriend in order to get paid ...and after a while the same joe came to me and we created mafia trece cause he had showbizz connect
old school now nice to hear about ol days

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Re: Would you like to be a young in 2013 ?

Unread post by RomanoBundy » December 21st, 2013, 4:57 am

There are things better and things worse today.
For example, now you have access to everything. Internet gives you so much. There is information everywhere, so easy to access.
A counter-example is that it's harder today to find a job.

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