Do You Think Gang Members should Be Tried As Terrorist?

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Do You Think Gang Members should Be Tried As Terrorist?

Unread post by Common Sense » January 21st, 2005, 2:36 pm

This is what New York is thinking:


At least 33 states passed laws amending criminal codes related to acts of terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Most changes focused on money laundering, cyberterrorism, agri-terrorism and supporting terrorist groups.

New York's use of the statute to prosecute gang-related crime has sparked disagreement among lawmakers who voted for the legislation.

A spokeswoman for state Sen. Michael Balboni, who sponsored the bill, said he does not mind that prosecutors have decided gang violence is a form of domestic terrorism and are using the statute to prosecute Morales.

"Gangs are a forum to promote terrorism," said Balboni spokeswoman Lisa Angerame. "Therefore, the anti-terrorism statue would be applicable against them, even if the original intent for this law was not exactly to prosecute them."

Others say the law is not being used as intended.

"It is not that I want to defend gangs," said state Rep. Jeffrey Dinowitz. "But it should never be justifiable to use laws with purposes other than their original intent.

"We already have the appropriate laws to prosecute gang members for their crimes," he added.

The anti-terror law passed overwhelmingly in the New York Senate 53-1.

Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson, who brought the charges against Morales, said the terrorism stipulation was justified.

"The obvious need for this statue is to protect society against acts of political terror," Johnson said in a statement. "However, the terror perpetrated by gangs, which all too often occurs on the streets of New York, also fits squarely within the scope of this statute."

The 70-count indictment said the gang members conspired to "intimidate or coerce a civilian population."

It included a long list of crimes cited as evidence they terrorized a city neighborhood, including allegations they harassed and robbed customers of a local restaurant, fired guns into a crowded park, shot a teenager in the face and slashed someone's throat.

Some residents say the law is being abused.

"We cannot compare gang violence with big scale terrorist attacks," said resident Miriam Medina.

Local store manager Lidia Chavez added: "Gang violence and terrorism are two different things."

But Eve Santana, owner of a bridal shop, said while maybe not on the scale of bin Laden, "of course they are terrorists."

"They do terrorize neighborhoods. Innocent bystanders die ... and they have to pay."

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Re: Do You Think Gang Members should Be Tried As Terrorist?

Unread post by 1111§ » January 21st, 2005, 2:39 pm

There are some cops that could be tried as terrorists,too.But I think giving someone the punishment he deserves without doubling and trippling the (just because you don't know how to cope with gang violence) is enough.


Re: Do You Think Gang Members should Be Tried As Terrorist?

Unread post by TmaaN » January 21st, 2005, 5:01 pm can't make a good case to prove gangbangers are Terrorists...they would never fit the bill.... those who fit the bill have a real agenda ....Terrorist, no matter how wrong, have a specific end in mind...

What's the real end in gangbangin? Also, what's the real motivation in the "knuckleheads" mind to do so?

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