Muslims troll ISIS begging for new jihadists lol

Religion is probably the biggest divider in world history, but for those that believe in God it is central to our existence. Share your views.
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Muslims troll ISIS begging for new jihadists lol

Unread post by Christina Marie » December 30th, 2015, 6:54 pm

A leader of ISIS learned the hard way this week that Twitter may not be a future option for attempting to reach out to fellow Muslims for his international jihad.

Earlier this week, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued a call for Muslims worldwide to join his drive for an international caliphate.

Anti-oppression activist Iyad El-Baghdadi translated portions of the speech and posted them to Twitter, including one quote from al-Baghdadi reading: “ISIS leaders: We urgently call upon every Muslim to join the fight, especially those in the land of the two shrines (Saudi Arabia), rise.”

Twitter users — including quite a few Muslims — mocked the request, filling El-Baghdadi’s Twitter timeline with hilarious insults, with one user stating, “Sorry, but I can’t trust a group that uses a deflating football and Arabic comic sans as their logo.”

From there is went downhill for ISIS.

Twitter posts at link ... n-twitter/

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