Cape Town, South Africa

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Re: Toughest African city

Unread post by E`S`T » February 23rd, 2004, 9:37 am

Cape Town? Isnt Cape Town full of whites? I saw this documentary on a little area inside of Cape Town but I don't think it was that tough. Maybe I'm wrong.

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Samboodie you are crazy.

Unread post by Snowman » February 28th, 2004, 1:26 pm

Cape Town? Full of whites? Not that bad? WHAT ARE YOU ON!

it has one f the highest murer rates in the world!!!

Look at the 'south africa thread'.

I nominate Nairobi. I saw documentary about the slums there and it looked horrific the amount of poverty. In one slum the nearest work was approximately the equivilant of 50p (about a dollar) bus jouney, and no one worked because they couldn't afford the bus fare.

Shocking. Andthemurder rate was something like one out of every ten males will get murdered before they get to 18, and one in six will be murdered in their lifetime.

Now thats tough.


Re: Toughest African city

Unread post by Anonymous20 » May 22nd, 2004, 12:47 pm

anyone been to Cape Town

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Re: Toughest African city

Unread post by bizzy » May 27th, 2004, 5:06 pm

alonso wrote:anyone been to Cape Town
yeah im fresh outta cape town, nah my whole family is there, but i live in sydney's western suburbs, i been there bout 4 times, goin again at the end of this yr. Cape town is a prodominantly coloured city, followed by black, and then whites. I am coloured as well. This is basically just a mix of blood, but classed as black. Crazy as fcuk in Kaap, but u just dont wanna get lost in the wrong town, coz some shit will happen almost certianly. The dangerous areas in Cape town are called the cape flats, which is housing commision speading over 20 kms. Craziest shit ever, those coloureds are messed up. Both my parents grew up in bad areas but not as bad as flats. Major gangs running out of that place are "The Americans", voted one of the worlds most dangerous gangs. One of they HQ's is in the street next to my grandmas. The Born Free Kids, Mongrels, Yukeez, And lol this is gonna make you laugh but The People Against Gangsterism And Drugs (P.A.G.A.D) is fucking crazy as, when i was over there in 97 they pipe bombed that HQ in the next street. I dont know much but you can ask me questions and ill try to answer them for you. But according to my dad Johannesburg is a lot more dangrous than Cape Town if you wanna know anymore Pm me ill try me best to answer :)

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Unread post by kcf_4_ever_4_lyfe » July 18th, 2005, 4:41 pm

Bangui. Cape town. Johannesburg. Brazzaville.

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Unread post by NW10 » July 18th, 2005, 5:59 pm

Yes thats true that kidnappings are very frequent in Mexico however recorded and reliable statistics only record 1 kidnapping per day but also accept that only 10% are recorded. Information on the true extent of kidnpping is hard to obtain.

I wouldnt imagine Mexico City to be the toughest city in SOuth America, i would think of Rio de Janeiro, but only because of City of God.

Toughest African City i would think of Johannesburg and Cape Town most probably

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Unread post by Sentenza » July 22nd, 2005, 2:06 am

[...]So, while the Democratic Alliance leaflet "Fight Crime" puts the average daily murder rate in South Africa at 55 murders every day, the Medical Research Council's statistics reveal that 89 murders are committed, on average, every day in South Africa.

Interpol claims even higher numbers of murders in South Africa. While the SAPS claims that there were 26 883 murders in 1995, Interpol claims that there were 54 298 "murders known to the police" in 1995/96. Interpol's figures are approximately double the numbers of "recorded murders" in South Africa.

According to Interpol, South Africa has the highest recorded per capita murder rate of the countries covered in their report for 1998, second only to Columbia. In that year, Interpol recorded the per capita murder rate in the USA as 6 per 100 000, while in South Africa it was 59 per 100 000.

Organised Crime
A report from the World Economic Forum claimed that South Africa's organised crime was second only to Columbia's, with its frightening drug cartels and Russia, with its omnipresent mafia. Their report claimed widespread corruption in the South African police service - where one in four police officers in the greater Johannesburg were under criminal investigation at the time of the report.

Police estimate that there are currently "about 700 extremely well financed and superbly armed crime syndicates operating in and from South Africa." However, it was also reported that "not a single ring leader of any of the 700 crime syndicates operating in South Africa has been arrested."

The Failure of the Criminal Justice System
In 2000, only half of all murder cases were sent to court, and only 4007 of the 'official murders' resulted in a guilty verdict. The MRC reported 32 482 murders in 2000. This means that for every 8 murders in 2000, only one murderer was convicted. Obviously there is a delay factor to sentencing; however, the murder rate has been consistently high and the conviction rate considerably low by comparison. [...]

Speaks pretty much for itself.

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