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Discuss Africa and the Down under region with its Pacific Islander influence.
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Heritage Protection

Unread post by HeritageProtection » January 23rd, 2010, 5:19 am

The purpose of this post, is not to create tension; but to take away some of the tension that has already been created.
The African community in Australia consists of Africans, African Americans, Afro-Latin Americans and Afro-Caribbeans; It is a relatively young community. Older members are currently doing everything possible to set a good example for our younger generation- In many ways it seems to be working, as younger members have chosen to take the most productive and constructive rules and regulations from what were originally social clubs dedicated to look after their own, however we are currently having to deal with what we can describe as pure ignorance. There seems to be an outbreak of African American 'wannabes' who are trying to rip off our heritage and culture-The most unbelievable thing that we have noticed is that a large majority of these 'Duds' (as they will NEVER be 'Bloods') truly believe they have African Negro Blood! We know by our own research that this misrepresentation annoys the Hell out of everybody, especially us Negro's! Due to the social climate in the America's many Blood organisations dedicated their time for the unity, prosperity and welfare of their people. Our History and Culture has been written in thousands of books. It's not only shocking but embarrassing that these people have to 'Diss' their own race and culture to attempt to pass criminal activity as African & African American Heritage!!
African's are prepared to give Australia all their Soul, Heart and Rhythm and create something new and enjoyable as we have in other parts of the world, the last thing we need are those miserable 'no-body's' representing us! We have a large number of bi-racial children in Australia (African + Australian= Afro-Australian) of all ages. Our research indicates that this group is the most effected as their heritage at times is a little difficult to recognise. Nevertheless it would be like saying 'Ice-T' is not black! It would be like saying 'Barrack Obama' & Bizzy Bone are not black simply because they are the off spring of African and Caucasian parents. This group of light skinned Africans, are proud to call themselves 'Afro-Australian's' because they recognise all the good about this land and it's people. Because of the perpetration by these people, ‘Half-casts’ and light skinned Negro’s are assaulted and insulted on the streets, at times being called ‘wannabes’, Sometimes by islanders because of the Samoan/Tongan conflict. (There is nothing worse than these 'wannabes' confronting our light-skinned brothers, with the F**KED up notion, that they are more African because of their Darker complexion-Who's educating these moron's? Not the proud NZ Mighty Mongrel Mob i suppose?) It’s only after identification we are given respect and left alone!
This is why we create social groups, like the ‘African Blood Brotherhood’ to educate and stop the rot! We know that this has the potential to create conflict, that is why we ask all of you to take care before jumping to conclusions. As our numbers grow we know it will get easier to distinguish between ‘Duds’ and ‘Bloods’ and African blood can be approachable, bright and courteous, proud of their heritage and glad to say I am now “ Afro Australian!”

Did you Know?
-Black/White conflict: Blacks of African descent in Australia have always carried a different social image to those in America. A good example of the difference was seen on the Australian gold fields in 1854. A collection of miners from a diverse range of nationalities rebelled against the British.
The miners were crushed and survivors arrested. One of the men arrested was JOHN JOSEPH, a black man from America. Joseph had been arrested along with other American nationals; However, because he was black, the American government did not secure his release as it did for the other citizens. Joseph stood trial and was subsequently found not guilty by a jury of his peers. He was then carried around the streets in a chair of triumph by over 10,000 people.
Australia's fondness for blacks of African descent has never really waned. In what had become known as the Calypso Summer, Frank Worrels 1961 touring West Indian cricket breathed colour into the all white game. Although losing the series, 90,000 Australian's lined the streets of Melbourne in a ticket tape parade biding the Windies farewell. In the 80's and early 90's, the Windie's popularity continued to grow to the extent that a large percentage of Australians chose to support the West Indian team over that of their home country.

-For some more Afro-Australian Folklore (Billy Blue) visit: http://www.dinkumaussies.com/COLONIAL/W ... 20Blue.htm

- There are many black people in the world, this term is a generalisation for coloured people, however the correct term for people of African descent is ‘Negro’ and because of the geographical location of Australia, there seems to be a need by perpetrators, to be affiliated with Negro culture; however they’re making things a lot more difficult for us.


I do not want my children harassed, abused, doubted and questioned about their heritage; After all with me around my kids know everything about African, Afro-Latin, Afro-American Culture.

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