www.streetgangs.com rules and regulations;

Please read this first before continuing!!! Read this before asking for access to the VIP sections
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www.streetgangs.com rules and regulations;

Unread post by alexalonso » May 21st, 2003, 12:43 pm

This document is designed to clarify various responsibilities of community members here at http://www.streetgangs.com.

Board-wide Policies and Regulations

Forum rules

You must register if you want to contribute, reply, and participate in any of the forums. Do Not select a gang related user name. It will automatically be delected if your user name makes any reference to any gang. This is a quality board for quality exchanges and there are many youths that participate here. Pick a regular user name.

Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to
read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be given a warning (see policing below).

Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to your termination. Do not use gang disses or you will be banned without any warning.

Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated..

Members should respect the bandwidth of other users and sites. The use of inline image tags pointing to data stored on third party systems for which the user has not received permission to link to may be removed. This is called hotlinking and it is not permitted.

Members should post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". That is users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly users should not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts. Users should use correct spelling of words so that all can understand.

Members should use an appropriate, descriptive title when posting a new topic. Your title should let the user know what exactly the post is about. Short two word titles are not acceptable and will be deleted.

Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance. This includes offering hosting services (charged and free), installation services, or any other advertisement. Users posting spam will be warned and their post removed. This is a commercial free, pop-up free and advertise free forum. Those that violate this ruled will be terminated.

The above forum rules where applicable also apply to private messaging. Abuse of the private messaging system may lead to warnings (as above) and/or the revokation of private messaging.

Signatures may contain up to five lines (one line being that displayed on a browser opened to 800px width) of text (of small or normal size) and/or one image, valid combinations include; a single image of no more than 468px wide and 6KB in size. Signatures containing an image this large may also include one line of small size text. Signatures containing an image of 30px high may include up to three lines of small size text or two lines of normal size text. Images of 15px height or less may allow up to three lines of normal size text or four lines of small size text.

Text sizes should be between 9 and 12 (small and normal). Text in signatures is subject to the same conditions as posts with respect decency, warez, emoticons, etc.

Links are permitted in signatures. Links are included within the text and image limits above. Commercial links and links to offensive sites will be removed.

Users abusing these rules will be allowed to continue posting.

Users are permitted to utilise a gallery avatar or to link to one of their own (subject to previous points on misuse of bandwidth). User defined avatars are to be no larger than 90 pixels square, contain noanimation, contain no image which attempts to portray the user as having an official status here (e.g. mimiking ranks or copying avatars of team members), may not exceed 6KB in filesize and have a consistently high availability (i.e. links to images on slow servers or those prone to failure may be removed).

Avatars are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect decency, etc.

Users abusing these rules will be warned and/or may lose their avatar privileges.

Members should note this software and board are maintained on a voluntary basis. No team member receives payment of any kind for time spent here. It is checked daily for violations.


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