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East Side

Posted: March 2nd, 2021, 10:20 am
by sickside
Anything new in the East Side regarding

ES 38st (in those apartments around JMV hood)
NHC (tried to start its own hood around the south part of HMV)
DPx3 (around GMV, PMV, KAM, and MVR)
Fisher st. MV (used to be called MVF - than tired to start this around LMV and MVP hood)
FLK MV (crew around Fraser MV and Winter Gardens)
CAL (crew trying to start in Commerce)
LK (Latin kings in Boyle Heights and had one on Atlantic Blvd and 6th even though this one got pushed out years ago but heard someone recently mentioned it which got me surprised)

Are they still around? Haven't been around the East in a good min., so just curious.

Re: East Side

Posted: April 30th, 2022, 9:54 am
by sickside

38st is kinda in GMV hood in some apartments. They are there, but still small on numbers that don't really come out.

DPG is somewhat next door to GMV too, but a lot of members joined KAM more than anything. The rest are there, but not really doing much

NHC kinda died down and not doing to much

Fisher St. MV is kida dead, but you can find a member or two on the other side of the street of the projects going towards LMV

LK has like a few members by Atlantic, but no hood. BH side turned into 8th street (mh homie laughed at me about that one, "that's freaking old when that happened"..I'm not going to lie to kick it, I didn't know.

FLK split. Some got turned into C12 SS chapter in Bell Gardens or Bell (one of those two) and the rest turned into a click from FRMV

CAL is probably the lamest of them all hands down. They still trying to set up shop in Commerce, but never come out to play. They just tag llus know saying they started from Commerce and not Downey. Even though, they been in Downey as a party crew for years. Downey in the end though, never gave them a chance to set up shop, so now they're trying to claim Commerce and act like they were always there. That's why I think they're so real losers because you should never switch up your past especially when everyone knows your damn past.

Re: East Side

Posted: April 30th, 2022, 9:56 am
by sickside
If anyone thinks this is wrong though, speak on it. I got most of this info. from homies that moved out of the East side ,so much of the information is simply passed down from a homie to a homie. It could be twisted, but the sources are normally on point. Still though!