Diamond Street 13

Thousands have been killed in the conflict that has been taken place in Los Angeles during the last couple of decade. Post dead homies from gangs in the 88 cities within Los Angeles County.
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Diamond Street 13

Unread post by coconut » June 28th, 2022, 12:40 pm

Hector Angel "Lefty" Cantun, 18, A Diamond street 13 gang member was shot and killed on tuesday, september 9, 2014 in the 100 block of north toluca street in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. Residents in the area heard gunshots shortly before 8:15pm, Cantun was approached on foot by a Head Hunters 13 gang member, when shots rang our shortly before 8:15pm. Shortly after residents called police, Cantun was dropped off at Good Samaritan Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. Cantun was pronounced dead at 8:38pm

Archie "Cricket" Gallego, 22, A Diamond street 13 gang member was stabbed and killed in San Quentin Prison by Nuestra Familia associates for his association with the Mexican Mafia during the "shoe war".

Lil Larry Loco R.I.P
Spider R.I.P
Kiki R.I.P - shot & killed in 1979
Deadeye R.I.P
Chino Paul R.I.P
R.I.P - A 17 year old diamond street gang member was shot & killed in 1973 by school security at Belmont High School in Westlake, Los Angeles, California. The kid had been suspended, but returned to the school, and an altercation ensued with security, in which the security guard shot the diamond street gang member.
Silly R.I.P
Lizard R.I.P
Woody R.I.P
Cubby R.I.P
Wolf R.I.P
Gumby R.I.P
Greedy R.I.P
Toy R.I.P
Wilbert Alonso Cantun, 18, A Diamond street 13 gang member was shot & killed on Thursday, May 20, 2021 in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California.
Boxer R.I.P
Richard "Lion" R.I.P - Born 1968 - Passed away on January 20, 2021
Sparky R.I.P
Tito R.I.P
Niteowl R.I.P
Efrain "Capone" De Leon Sanchez R.I.P
Duke R.I.P
Droopy R.I.P
Blue Boy R.I.P
Basilio R.I.P
Bear R.I.P
Danny "Dilinger" Flores R.I.P - Passed away from natural causes
Al "Joker" Flores - Born November 21, 1964 - Passed away December 4, 2017
Frank R.I.P
Rudy "Tinman" Gortarez R.I.P
Eddie "Sino" Coates R.I.P
Andy "Black Andy" Edwards R.I.P
Michael Allen "Rabbit" Roberts - Born June 9, 1976 - Passed away July 21, 1996
Robert Vasquez R.I.P

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