Singapore gangs

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Unread post by dkey » October 31st, 2005, 10:42 pm

counter106 wrote:i mean sarangjambul and budak busuk
wats that? 369 branches or wat?

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Unread post by counter106 » November 1st, 2005, 10:24 pm

nah dkey its not theirs.what i heard people said sarangjambul used to kill poilce whenever they see police.i think now they are shut down cause a lot of the leader are in jail

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Unread post by dkey » November 5th, 2005, 1:30 am


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Unread post by Mont4gue » November 30th, 2005, 3:13 pm

He who knows not but thinks he knows, is a fool.

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Re: 369 Gang

Unread post by PaiKiaGang » July 19th, 2008, 1:49 am

dkey wrote:
counter106 wrote:i mean sarangjambul and budak busuk
wats that? 369 branches or wat?
369 is a gang...

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Re: Singapore gangs

Unread post by madeener » September 19th, 2008, 4:54 am

Just curious though, what's the link between ang soon tong, pak hai tong, 369 and kun tong? The current west area seems to be predominated by pak hai and kun tong aka the yewtee, panjiang, jurong area. Heard bukit batok is under ang soon tong right now too. From your experiences, which side of sg is gang activity more predominant? The west, east or north? Thanks for your time!

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Re: Singapore gangs

Unread post by LKY » October 2nd, 2008, 9:51 am

The gangs that take in members through chicken and blood rituals/initiations back in the old days of 1950s / 60s / 70s and goes to town with codes like songs / hymns and finger gestures had their sunset days in 1971/72/73 when ALL the headmen were tracked down and locked up under Section 55.

The 10 most notorious gangs, according to the Sin MIng / Nanyang Siang Pau / Sin Chew Jit Poh chinese newspapers in 1971/72 (I can't recall exactly as I was still very young but vividly remembered the headlines) were:

1) 18 Seow Gi Ho - Lorong Tai Seng / Silat Rd / Kranji / Tak Ka
2) 18 Sio Kun Tong - Lorong Tai Seng / Kim Tian Rd / Beauty World
3) 24 Loh Kuan - Sago St / Kallang Gasworks
4) 24 Ang Koon - Redhill / Johore Rd
5) Si Tong (Death Gang) - Seah St / Everton Park
6) Sar Ji (3 Letters) - Yio Chu Kang / Teochew St
7) 21 Ang Soon Tong - Nee Soon / Geylang
8) 108 Sio Pek Leng San - Tanjong Pagar / Jln Membina / Naval Base
9) 24 Gi Leng Hor - Redhill
10) 24 Gi Leng Kiat - Beauty World

These gangs were in pecking order in accordance with the number of gang fights / clashes they were involved in - both 18 SGH and SKT were on curfew during the 1960s and 1970s and clashed on sight, especially in the Gagak Salari Barat area from the SGH to the junction of Henderson Rd.....because SGH's HQ was based in the kampongs in and around Silat Rd and SKT's HQ was in Kim Tian Rd - one big monsoon drain separate these two well-respected gangs.

As for the rest, Ang Koon was famous in making Redhill famous, Loh Kuan for Chinatown's mess, Sar Ji was active in the whole Upper Serangoon (Kok Wah Cinema) area and (old) Great World and also at Hong Lim where they were clashing with 969 from China St........

BY 1973, only Si Tong was active in very low profile where almost all the old bars and chinese night clubs were under their 'protection/security' care.

In the 1990s, 108 became very powerful in Yshun / AMK / Toa Payoh when they recruited youngsters from schools..........108 had hardcore fighters from the Indian community......

In those days, Pak Hai was active in the West, primarily Jurong.......

It still stand on record that the most notorious gangsters / headmen in the city-state annals came from District 3 (now Central - from Tanglin Halt to Chinatown to North Bridge Rd)......

The most notorious areas where even the police of those days dare not venture and go forth were -
1950s Lorong Tai Seng (the hideout of Lim Ban Lim, number one most wanted man in 1960s)

1960s Silat Rd (the HQ of 18 SGH)

1970s Redhill (the HQ of 24 AK)

Today, all these gangs are low profile because how many 7 years (section 55) do you have for spare to be waste behind bars ?

One of the headman in 18 SGH has gone 2x 7 yrs, another in 108 has gone 3x 7 is the one in 21 AST, 3x 7 yrs...........

Today's gangs in the city-state amount to boys with excessive energies and raging hormones with no suitable outlets to vent their frustrations and also goes around looking for cheap thrills.......thinking that chopping and slashing hands and legs make them heroes and peer is really all in the head..........well, they have seen nothing yet.......

Peace No War !!!

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Re: Singapore gangs

Unread post by w1ndbreaker » October 28th, 2008, 8:10 am

I back up LKY's statements .

Except I'm 18, and I've moved to melbourne from singapore roundabout 3 years ago.

The singaporean gangs are generally triad related, with everything on the upper rungs being related to drugs and gambling.
Illegal gambling dens are common in the abovementioned geylang area , and gang memberships to a few of the aforementioned gangs are still strong.

I agree, gangs now are nowhere as strong as they were in the past .
But I remember in high school just 3 years ago , a student in the year level as mine was identified as a "parang fighter" , a machete fighter .
Crazy ass mofos , but he was the quietest , most unassuming individual .

And thats what you'll come to realise about the real deal , they're silent .
The kids who join gangs for the kicks are the ones who mouth off to everyone, then running to their gangs for help when something happens .
The real gangsters used to help their bosses solve problems , whether it be debtors or rival gangs .
Nowadays the kids running around ask their bosses to help them solve problems .

It disgusts me .

Also , the gangs in australia are alot more serious than the ones in singapore . Most probably due to the tighter regulations , and also because singaporeans as a general lot are very very sheltered .
Well , speaking about my generation at least .

the gangs 369 , 24 AST , 21 Tiong , Sio Kun Tong , Ghee Ang Khun and a few more are still active now.
They are almost exclusively (to the best of my knowledge) constituted of chinese individuals .

The malays join gangs such as Omega and Ghetto Boys , and racially provoked violence does occur . (Warranted its rare, and the authorities involved shush it up to avoid racial tensions)

The gang scene in singapore isn't withering . Kids who need the 'gang' mentality to feel like they mean something will always exist , and thus gangs will always exist in singapore .
However I forsee them becoming even more whimsical than they are today , and stepping down in their aggressiveness .

All bark no bite , all blow no go .

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Re: Singapore gangs

Unread post by xavier69 » January 4th, 2010, 3:32 am

No offence but you guys suck.

Let me name all the gangs. Those in brackets are the places they own in singapore.
FYI : I do not know all of the places they chup.

From 21 :
Ang Meng Tong
Di Ang Ying
Ang Yee Tong
Tiong Yee Tong
Pa Hai Tong
Ghee Meng Tong
Ghee Hin Kongsi
Ghee Hock (Part of Ghee Hin Kongsi)
Ang Guat Hwei
Ang Tian San
Feng Huang Shan (Yishun/ang mo kio)
Feng Qing Shan
Guat San Sia (Known as moon sect few years back)
Deet San Sia
Leng Heng Sia
Yee Pak Hai
Yee Chuan San
Yee Chuan Hai
Yee Hup Ho
Tiong Meng Ko
Heng Kee
Gnoi Seek Kee
Hup Ho Tong
21 San[213]
21 Hai
21 Ang Hai
21 Re Yue Ban
Ang Soon Tong (Sembawang but inactive)

From 369(Salakau/Sio kun tong) :
Kallang Airport (Kallang)
Tanglin Halt
Mei Ling Lor
Queenstown Chao (Obvious)
Tanjong Rhu (Raffles place? (Not confirmed))(Quite active)
"Lak Ko"- 6th Avenue
"Chit Ko"- 7th Avenue
Taman Selasih
"Goh Cho Bay"- Rochor Bay (Obvious)
Teck Whye Lane (Choa Chu kang)
Yew Tee (Obvious)
Kim Boon Tai
Toa Payoh Chao (Obvious) (Quite active)
Marsiling Chao (Obvious)
Tampines Chao (Obvious)
"Ang San"- Redhill (Obvious)
Hougang Chao (Obvious)
Chao Lak Ho
Sin Ming Lor/Sin Ming Road (Bishan) (Quite active)
Anak 537 (Tampines, Bedok, pasir ris)

From 18 (zhup puay siao) :
Sio Yi Ho (Most active)
Hup Soon Heng
Siao Kim Tian
Ar Bak Kuay (Quite active)
Aljunied Cresent Siao (Obvious)
Toa Payoh Siao (Obvious)
Bugis Siao (Obvious)
Kranji Siao (Obvious)
3 Beh Lor
4 Beh Lor
7 Beh Lor
Rochor Siao (Obvious)
Bedok Siao (Obvious)
Depot Siao
Purmei Siao
Hougang Siao (Obvious)
Geylang Siao (Obvious)
Liew Lian Ka
Telok Blangah Cresent Siao
Tampines Siao (Obvious)
Tekka Siao
Mai Siao Siao (Most inactive)
Sio Ka Po

From 04 Gang : (Inactive)
Wah Kee (华记)
China Town 04

From 24 (Ji Si) :
Ghee Hai Kim (义海金) (Most people)
Ghee Lian Hor (Active)
Ghee Leng Kiat
Patt Leong
Sio Ang Kun (Most little people)(Bedok, Ang mo kio)(Just re-created cause it was inactive)
Sio Lo Kuan (Active)(Deskar road) *Dunno hw spell.

08 (Kong Pui) :
Hai Lok San (108) (海陆山)(Old gang)
Hai Lok You
Pek Kim Leng (白金龙)
Pek Ka Long
Kim Leng Hor (金龙虎)
Sio Leng Hor (小龙虎)
Di Chet (27)(Inactive)
Go Hock San
Go Kong Go (505)(Inactive)
Sio Ang Leng
Leng Hor Shan
Sio Oh Leng
Pui Kong Pui(808)
Sio Pa Leng San
Sa Kong Sa (303)(Quite Active)(Teck whye lane)

There are 2 other gangs :
Sarajumbo(Indian Gang) *Its not sarangjumbal. -.-
Omega(Malay Gang)(Hangs out at Downtown East)

Rudeboy is a small gang. If i see anyone from rudeboy, get ready fight le.
knn, so small make what gang.

I don't have to say where i play. I'm 14. Who want join gang email

I tell you some history la.
last time 18 siao and 369 are together in a gang. They are the biggest last time. Around 1980s.
But after that they went different ways.
Now biggest is supposed to be 18siao or 21tiong.
Want more info, just msn me. I don't think i'll be back here to post.
08 is the lousiest alr.
Now 21 and 369 rival
18 and 369 rival
21 and 18 quite friendly towards one another but if got taiji also will fight.
24 is somehow unstable as they fight own people.
Cause got 2 person from 2 different branch fought the other time.
But small problem alr.
So i just still okay.
08 is the worst. They are a bunch of malays. Without much fighters.
Omega is the most hiong i think.
Even if they 30 people and need fight 50, they will still fight till the end.
Sarajumbo abit humji humji.
Thats all i have to say.

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Re: Singapore gangs

Unread post by champchelsea » July 8th, 2010, 2:03 am

i from a neighbourhood sec sch in de west. there are alot of tiong meng ko ppl in here. there was a time where my sch went to clementi stadium for sprots heat then got 1 say say he from 369 to de tmk ppl then they guai lan almost fight sia...

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Re: Singapore gangs

Unread post by pierresev » November 6th, 2010, 9:39 am

Mother Fucking pussy Boy .
Rude Boy aint a gang its a culture where people listen to ska peopel in the rudeboy culture are in gangs like Lak ko (369)
Sg Gang fucking pussies they need 10 - 1 to fight ... fucking cant fight without weapon
and fuck you 08 have lots of chinese fighters but they aint some stupid street gang like 18 and 369
They do Major Dirt And Stuff Puto
Dhoby Tyrants Punx !!! LCHXC

Dont fucking join gang ..end of story

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Re: Singapore gangs

Unread post by Chammy369 » November 24th, 2011, 6:05 am

In Singapore, 369 is the biggest and most powerful gang. 369 is Sa(3)Lak(6)Kau(9) in hokkien dialect. 369's rivals are mainly Omega and 18 Sio Yi Ho. Omega's main leaders are the seven warriors. Omega people are mostly malay. They look mostly for quality not quantity. Only muslims and malays can join the Omega gang. 18 SYH are the second biggest gang in Singapore with many branches. Their name is mostly starts from "siao". The other gangs are 24 Dhee Xi, 08 Kong Pui, 21 Dhee Jit. Every gang has its own fanatics. Every gang is fierce. But the gang with the most people and branches is 369. Its famous branches are Kallang Airport, Rochor Bay, Tanglin Halt etc. 18 SYH's most famous branches are Bugis Siao, Zhup Buey Siao, Tampines Siao. Note that its branches are mostly in the west. 24 DX famous branches are Ghee Leng Hor, Sio Lo Kuan, Ghee Hai Kim. 08 KP is a relatively small gang. It is the richest triad in Singapore with its focus mainly being on money. Hai Lock San, Pek Kim Leng are one of its few branches. 21 DJ was once powerful but its power has waned over the years due to in-fighting among fellow branches. Some of its many branches are Pak Hai Tong, Ang Soon Tong, Feng Hong San. Feng Hong San was the gang involved in the recent downtown east slashing case. Those slashings were done by Rochor Bay people. In Singapore, there is a slang for gang-talk. For example "you play shirt?" means which gang are you part of.

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