Are there Crips / Bloods in Columbus, Ohio

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Are there Crips / Bloods in Columbus, Ohio

Unread post by alexalonso » April 3rd, 2021, 4:08 am

I was looking at a post online that listed these groups in Columbus Ohio:
In the 80s South Linden Original Crips and Cleveland Avenue Crips started around the early 90s. With blocks between Duxberry to 17th.
- Duxberry
- Cordell
- 18th Mac Town
- 21st
- 26th
another post:
North Side Hoods

The Short North Crips aka Short North Posse (SNP) Sub-Sets: The Cut Throat Committee, The Homicide Squad, 1st 48, Wuan Gang. Main Intersection of their neighborhood is 4th and 8th) Columbus Oldest and most known neighborhood, first crip set in Columbus established in the late 80’s. Have been the Subject Of Multiple Sting Operations and RICO cases over the past decades. Neighborhood borders Ohio State University campus and has seen a lot of gentrification over the past decade.

Windsor Terrace Crips aka The Terrace aka Terk Block Sub-Sets: Banger Squad Boys (BSB), Everything King Terk (EKT) Another older Crip hood from the north side that’s been around since the late 80’s/Early 90’s Named Terk block after Terrico Henry who was accidentally killed by his best friend, Dream Chasers rapper EKT40.

Milo-Grogan Bloods aka Milo Sub-Sets: Top 9 Older Northside neighborhood that is mostly bloods now but did have some Crips back in the day.

Cleveland Avenue/ “Number Streets” Or Linden Area A bunch of Different Gangs and sets but mostly crips and a part of one of the most dangerous areas in Columbus right now. Number streets represents 11th-26th that run along Cleveland avenue. Waun Gang could also be considered a sub-set in honor or Keawaun Coleman who was killed in 2013.

Agler Road Bloods aka A1 Sub-Sets: ? Don’t hear as much about them as you did in the mid 2000s but still in a high crime area.

Brittany Hills aka The Hills Sub-Sets: ? I believe they have Crips and Bloods, home to the biggest drug dealer in Columbus history, Papa Joe who had ties to Big Meech from Detroit. You still hear about them from time to time.

Mock Road aka South Mock Sub-Sets: ? Hood near Brittany Hills that also has Crips and Bloods if I’m Not mistaken.

Cassidy/ Sommerset/ Framingham Sub-Sets: 2’s World 🌎 Northeast side group of neighborhoods/apartments that are both crip and blood. Younger generation started 2’s world in honor of 16 year old Zyshonne Jenkins aka Shonne2 that was killed in a shootout in January 2015 on the Eastside. Very active right now.

Loretta/McGuffey area Sub-Sets: Some Claim Waun Gang Mostly Crips, Linked up with most other Crips from the area. Still pretty active area. Some in the area went to school with Kaewaun Coleman.

Joyce Rd Sub-Sets:Mook Gang Not sure if the area is mostly crip or blood but it’s always been a dangerous hood. Named after Mook from the area who was killed.

That’s 10 hoods/sets just from the Northside of Columbus off the top of my head, if there is anything anybody would like to add or correct me on just comment below. I’ll touch on the Eastside hoods, Westside hoods and south side hoods in a future post. I’ll also touch on some of the beefs, past and present.
Are these real confirmed gangs?

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