White rapper persia speaks on young jeezy

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White rapper persia speaks on young jeezy

Unread post by Qdawg » April 5th, 2007, 12:18 pm

'White Rapper' Persia Speaks Out Against Young Jeezy 'White Girl' Promotion
By Mike Winslow
Date: 4/4/2007 4:20 pm

White female rapper Persia has spoken out against Young Jeezy & USDA's plans to create an all-white street team to promote the group's new single "White Girl."

According to Persia, the promotion is nothing more than a gimmick that could have unneeded racial undertones, and didn't fit the song's true subject matter - cocaine.

"Is this what Hip-Hop has come to?" told Daveyd.com of the promotion. "I thought his white girl song was a metaphor, so why don't have a band of baseheads handing out the flyers."

Persia's stance comes on the heels of an announcement by Jeezy and USDA, who seek "field marketing teams" to help promote the group's new album, Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer.

Slick Pulla said the group are seeking 18-24-year old "blondes, the brunettes, the green eyes, the grey eyes, the red heads" to help promote the album on the remaining stops of the Street Dreams Tour.

"Another thing I cant stand in Hip-Hop," Persia said. "The whole 'sex sells' movement. And I'm embarrassed for Jeezy for even thinking this was the next 'bomb idea.'"

Persia is best remembered for her part on a competitive reality show on VH1, which was hosted by MC Serch.

She was eventually eliminated.

In related news, Persia is slated to appear in New York from May 5-6 at The Underscore.

According to reports, the rapper will perform during Eric Tapout's NYC Saturday Night Show.

The event will also feature performances by 2007 American Idol star Marisa Rhodes, NBC's America's Most Talented Kids finalist Ashley Rose and others.


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Unread post by northsidehtown » April 8th, 2007, 9:01 pm

white folks infiltrating mfs got to watch them super close (yea i know she was chosen for a show) shit she say she so gangster she know what white girl is , and she say so hood and where she from everybody a nigga and she grew up around blacks then why is she tripping thatnt shouldnt even fade her now she want to have problems.

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Unread post by LcBwC » April 8th, 2007, 9:09 pm

Talk about gimmicks...she was on the White Rapper Show. Whole show was a joke...putting them in uncomfortable situations. If Jeezy wants to promote that way whats the problem. He isnt the first to play on words with an image nor use sex to sell, damn sure wont be the last.

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